Update 17: Final Production Run and New Design · Meet Vigo, the very first energy gauge — for you.

Final Production Run and New Design

Hi backers!

It’s been a while since our last update. The good new is that we just finished our T2 test batch — the last test batch, and are moving forward to final production!

T2 test batch

We have experienced some issues with T2 devices previously, which caused a two-week delay. One major challenge was the inconsistency in color among white devices. Due to material compositions of ABS (hard plastic) and TPE (soft plastic), it was difficult to obtain a uniform white color. In addition, the injection molding process and the glue could potentially yellow the materials. Fortunately, with the help of our factory, we were able to produce 50 qualified white Vigo’s. Another issue we encountered was screen-printing our logo on the back of the device. The curved surface of Vigo caused some deformation to the blue circle. Our engineers worked closely with the screen-printing technicians to experiment with different processes and eventually resolved the issue. Below is a picture of our T2 devices.


Final production run

Moving onto the final production run, we are currently sourcing plastic materials. We have purchased all electronic components as early as we were producing our first test batch to avoid lead lime related issues. The plastic materials, however, could only be prepared when we had a good estimate of the material wastage after having gone through the test batches. We have placed all the orders and once the materials have come in and passed our incoming quality control (IQC) examinations, we will kick off the final production run. We expect the final assembly to start in two weeks. Meanwhile, we will be working with a local fulfillment agency, which has helped multiple hardware startups ship their products internationally, to sort out the shipping logistics.

New design

Apart from proceeding with production, we have also been collaborating with prestigious design firms to design our new logo, which will appear on stickers and T-shirts! We have been getting sample products from multiple suppliers to compare quality. Here are pictures of some sample products:

Sample stickers from various suppliers
People love our new T-shirts!

That’s pretty much for now. We’ll post another update when we have your units ready to ship!

- Vigo Team -

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