Update 20: Vigo production has started!

Dear backers,

We have an exciting update to inform you — after a year of delays, mass production of Vigo is finally under way! Here’s a behind-the-scenes view of what’s going on straight from the factory production line.

Assembly line

Our factory assigned over a dozen assembly line workers to work on Vigo’s first production batch of 1800 units. These workers are each in charge of a specific task including soldering, assembly, gluing, flashing firmware, Bluetooth calling testing, visual inspection, and charging. Here’s a short video of the whole process.

Here are some close-up shots of the processes involved.

Assembly line worker soldering on microphones and motors
Bottom cases of Vigo ready for assembly
Vigos running off the production line at a rate of 100 per hour
Quality inspection of each Vigo
Devices that fail quality inspection or audio testing are carefully labelled and put aside
Each of the 1800 devices are individually tested for audio quality
The Vigo team hard at work assisting the workers
Assembly line worker installing protection overlay for the infrared sensor
All the devices are being charged before packaging

Where’s my custom engraved version?

In between production, we made special trips to a laser printing factory to work on the custom engraved versions of Vigo that some of you purchased. These included names and serializations. Here’s a preview of how it’s made.

After applying a special coating, the technician places each Vigo carefully onto the laser printer
The printing is done and an individualized name appears!
The laser printer prints the names onto the back of the device in multiple layers
After applying a second protection coating to the prints, the casings are ready

Because the custom etched versions take longer to make due to the processes and logistics involved, we will be shipping these out a week later than the regular batches.

Vigo cases

We’re also pleased to announce Vigo’s protection cases are out! These pouches will protect your Vigo from scuffs and scratches. Here’s a closer look:

— -

After 4 intense days of production, we now have all 1800 units produced. Our workers have been working from 8am to 9:30pm every day, which two one-hour lunch breaks in between, and the Vigo team in China has also been helping out and testing the Vigos. It’s been a long process to get to this stage, and we hope that by seeing these pictures you understand the difficulties and challenges involved in taking a product to the production line!

The last step left is to package each Vigo and is accompanying accessories into our packaging case, which the factory has scheduled for Monday. We expect our next update in a few days will be the boxes of Vigos all ready to be shipped out. Stay tuned!

- The Vigo Team, from the production line

Originally published at www.kickstarter.com.