Update #9: Say Hiiii to the New Vigo

Hey backers!

Christmas is upon us and we wanted to send you an update along with our greetings. Our team has been in China for the past 8 weeks and a lot of progress has been made on the industrial design, mechanical design, and electrical fronts. Vigo is now closer than ever to production as we cross the numerous hurdles to making Vigo a reality!

Improved Design

We mentioned in a previous update that we have been working with Y Studios, the same designers who brought to you Guitar Hero, Sphero and Sonos, to improve the design of Vigo and make it adjustable to fit everyone. We’re pleased to announce our new design! Here it is:

A particularly challenging problem we encountered after Kickstarter was finding that the original hinge design didn’t work for some people’s faces. Over the past few months we’ve worked with Y Studios to acquire data about different facial structures for as many people as possible, in order to create a more adjustable design that puts the infrared sensor in the right position to detect your eyes. Vigo’s new design incorporates a bendable neck that you can adjust to fit the curvature of your face. We’ve also slimmed down the neck so that it looks much thinner and sleeker. We hope you like it!

Clay molds of the new design
Board sketches of the new neck design

Mechanical & Electrical Design

Since improving the design, we’ve been making tweaks to our circuit to ensure they fit nicely and snugly into the new casing.

We’ve also been working with our factory on the mechanical design to ensure Vigo can be manufactured. Designing products don’t just stop at the design phase — a lot of work is involved to make sure that what is designed can be produced with injection molds, tools and machines.

Making sure the components don’t collide with the casing
Instructions from the mechanical design team on minimum required wall

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is upon us which means it’s also been exactly a year since we first launched Vigo publicly to the world. Christmas isn’t really celebrated in China which means we are still working throughout this period to deliver Vigo (don’t worry, we’ll take Chinese New Year’s off in sync with the factory workers). We’ve learned a lot over the past year as we move step by step closer to making Vigo a reality. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you and we’d like to thank you for the continued support. Merry Christmas to every single backer and your loved ones!

The Vigo Team

Originally published at wearvigo.com.

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