Dear backers,

By now, all of you should have received your Vigos. We hope you’ve been enjoying using Vigo! For some backers, Vigo has been functioning fine while for other backers, there has been difficulty getting Vigo in the right position to pick up blinks correctly. In this update we’ll provide a few tips on how to position Vigo.

Vigo is out of place if:

1. You’re stuck on the page that says “Vigo is picking up your blinks”

2. The app tells you to recalibrate or readjust Vigo

3. You’re getting a reading of 0 on the app

4. The app is telling you you’re tired when you’re…

Dear backers,

The first batch of 500 Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers have already started to receive their Vigos, and a new batch of 200 units have just been sent out today. We’ve received a lot of comments and emails from users who have already received their Vigo with questions on how to use the device correctly, and we would like to address these issues in this update. Below are some of the common questions we’ve received, in order of frequency.

How to I put on Vigo?

Vigo comes with 2 ear grips and 6 ear gels in different sizes — small, medium and large for the left and right ear each. Depending on your personal preference and ear size you can pick the one that fits you. When putting on Vigo, it’s easier to place the ear gel into your ear canal first, then looping the ear grip over your ear. Both the ear gel and ear grip serve to stabilize Vigo so that the sensor remains pointed at your eye. …

Dear Vigo backers,

We have great news — Vigo has started to ship! We sent Vigo off to our shipping company on November 12th, and Vigo started being sent to over 600 backers in 36 countries across 6 continents that same day. You will each receive your tracking number shortly by email. Please note that custom etched versions of Vigo are still in the making and will be shipping out later this week.

If you still have not filled out your address and colour preference, please do so as soon as possible via Kickstarter’s address survey, or by emailing us at info@wearvigo.com. …



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