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Hi Mike.

I’d say there’s an element of jealousy, those of us under 40 feel we are being financially penalised by the older — yet we are described as “entitled,” when our parents got free education (now £9000 a year,) the ability to buy a house and raise a family on one wage, a guaranteed pension at 60 (now 70, rising steadily) and a variety of tax breaks.

The older generation (my father is a year older than you,) were raised just after the war, on an emotional diet of rule brittania and the post colonial belief that we could still be a global leader without the assistance of our buddies on the continent. It seems short sighted and somehow quaint to still hang on to this.

I voted remain because the leave camp had no plan for what to do after. They want to be America, or Australia, or Switzerland or … they didn’t know. They lied and scaremongered and shouted down anyone who pointed out flaws in their lack of a plan, they courted the far right, and those who are scared of change and it upsets me that my own parents fell for it and now regret it.

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