Adulting Like A Mo-Fucking-Fo

I’m guilty of posting about my dislike of the term, but then my first exposure to it was exposure to it’s absolute zenith, along the lines of

Are you ever finding adulting so hard you need an adultier adult to come. One that is better at adulting?

…and it was posted by someone with zero responsibility at all… it still annoys me now because she posted it when she couldn’t choose between KFC and McDonald’s.

I work with a girl (who stalks my social media and sulks when I mention her… but she can’t say anything because then I’d know she stalks me. It’s okay, I’ve seen you,) who once claimed grown ups shouldn’t play video games, they should do “adult things, like…. paying bills.” Fuck yeah, adulting !

P.s. Step Brothers is an amazing film

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