Aww thanks, Tremaine L.

On Nick Jr there’s a band called the Go Go Go Show, they pop up and do songs throughout the day (always the same 5 or six prerecorded things … good morning, happy birthday, go to bed and shut up etc, usual kids TV fare). There’s five of them, two boys and three girls, all early 20s, each with their own specific look:

Green and Purple (girl): “Nerd” wears glasses and a weird mix of clothes. Seems to be concentrating harder than the rest on lip syncing and dancing

Yellow (boy): like a withered Olly Murs or similar, wears a silly hat and is like a cheeky Essex boy. Seems to enjoy himself

Red (girl): dyed red hair, polka dots on everything. Like a “quirky” alternative girl that you’d really want to date then would drive you mental long before ever getting into bed with you. Also seems to love singing watered down pop music to kids.

Blue (boy): one for the mums, like a better looking Matt Willis from Busted. Looks like he really doesn’t want to be there until it’s his close up, then smiles.

Pink (girl): one for the dads, looks like she’d rather be doing anything else. Dresses inappropriately (in the goodnight song everyone is in pyjamas, she wears a nightie that is less than a cm below her vagina… not that I’ve measured)

So anyway, they were on singing a birthday song and pointing to superimposed images of children whose birthday it was, and Josh said

“Daaaddddd”. As it was his birthday (yesterday, 4,) I suspected he’d ask why I didn’t send his picture in but no

“I wish I was in this band” he says (last week he said when he grows up he is joining Weezer)

“what colour would you wear?” I ask , “and what would you do?”

“I’d wear bright green, and I’d be the one that jumps out of your TV to punch you in the face”

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