Hello, Textured World
Oliver Shiny

The prestige was Bowie’s best film appearance if you ask me. The problem is, once he’s popped up he steals the show and I lose interest when he goes. Bowie makes me think of my Dad, warbling Starman to me as a child, he also (sadly) makes me think of white and straight privilege in matters of child abuse (Lori Mattox … spelling may be wrong.)

Neil Gaiman is impressive in his scope. I always felt Pratchett could have done the same if it weren’t for their vastly different way of working (PTerry was always doing 3 or more books at once, quite often a scene cut from one would become a whole new book written at the same time… as a result he stayed in Discworld novels most of the time. Neil, however, plans what he’s doing and gets it done without starting a new project until it’s at the publisher)

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