This Isn’t The Kind Of Thing I Do, But…

For the past few months I’ve been pestering jade on twitter to come and do a longer piece about her time working in mental health care. On and off, not constantly, if you were wondering. She had so many reasons not to, yet she has done it and I feel it deserves recommends from people that actually get read (I, sadly am not one of them).

Here is the piece…

“I have keys” @TheDreamGhoul

(I am on my phone so I don’t know if that link will work,) but if wonderful and respected people like Alexainie , Sean Howard and H. Nemesis Nyx could read it I’d feel like less of a shit for requesting that she tear her soul out.

Sorry. I’ll go back to hiding.


Edit. The link doesn’t work and I’m 12 hours from a computer. Medium sort your app out

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