I think I’m prejudice against people with lots of money.
A Ennis

This, this is why I follow you. I know I’ve disagreed with you before and probably come across as disliking you but I agree with every word of this.

I’ve raised the point here before that people who’ve had a financial safety net seem to think they’ve worked their way to the top. People who come from money can afford to be creative and spiritual for a living because they’ve never had to chip in financially to the family pot, never become a financial burden to their parents and had to quit education to work full time. I used the example of a Comedian over here in the UK who is forever telling people what a struggle she had, yet was financially supported by her parents for nearly 13 years while she put on amateur productions and made whimsical observations to audiences at the Edinburgh fringe festival (which costs artists money to attend.)

A lot of the self made startup brigade have actually come from a place of financial safety, they’re able to take risks because it won’t take a decade to recover from if it fails

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