I am inclined more and more to get behind this idea of hipster-douche Kirk.
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

Well we had the Britpop thing in my time, which felt relevant despite it being (like all musical movements,) greedy executives signing as many bands that sound like something popular and flooding the market with them… but on investigation, they were largely copying the Beatles with elements of pre-punk “pub rock.” I have always felt like I am behind the times in my tastes.

But is that just how I’m wired? If I were born in the 60’s and came of age in time to see the Ramones first London shows, the Clash, the Pistols, would I later have been lamenting that I missed out on all the predecessors to them? My mother tells me how she was always upset that she got “watered down” rock n roll, and beat bands instead of the “proper rock n roll” of the 1950’s, but she got to see Captain Beefheart, early Alice Cooper, Sabbath at their prime, Ziggy Stardust and Thin White Duke era Bowie.

I suspect there are kids now who are upset they missed out on the bands I saw in the ‘90’s.

So… I don’t know, really. I feel that way, but my head says I would always feel that way.