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Meet the WeAssist Team: Na’Chanelle

Last week, we shared the many ways WeAssist works to grow your business, and now, we’re introducing all of the people who make that happen in our ‘Meet the WeAssist Team’ series.

Meet Na’Chanelle, our Recruiting Lead, based in South Carolina!

As WeAssist’s Recruiting Lead, Na’Chanelle matches awesome VAs to clients. She previously helped WeAssist grow by supporting CEO Sharai Johnson as an Executive Assistant, in addition to management consultants, and PR firms.

Na’Chanelle: “Whether it was a new operation plan she wanted to enact, or a different software she wanted to utilize, I helped things run smoothly.”

What’s key to being a top-notch Virtual Assistant?

Na’Chanelle: “Time management, and remembering that you are your own business, so you’ll want to conduct yourself as such from beginning to end in your communication and boundaries. Also, knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and being upfront with the kind of personality/character traits you work best with.”

What was your favorite thing about working as a Virtual Assistant?

Na’Chanelle: “Having autonomy makes me feel empowered as a VA! The ability to groove to my favorite playlist, and sing terribly loud without anyone getting offended at my bad vocals. It allows me to really tap into my skill set, utilize my strengths, and create positive change.”

And autonomy can increase engagement while working!

In a 2017 study, University of Birmingham found that, “generally, the higher levels of autonomy a worker experienced, the higher their sense of job satisfaction and well being.” So, it’s no surprise that Virtual Assistants are constantly in-demand. Looking for one to help grow your business? Allow us to assist!

Looking for opportunities as a Virtual Assistant? We’re currently hiring for four VA positions: Inbound Call/Email Operator, Social Media Strategist and Content Curator, Public Relations Manager, and Construction Assistant

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