Hi all, Jesse here. During the course of this blog, I’ll be writing from the perspective of a millennial Anabaptist. I’ve grown up in a conservative tradition that has shaped the way that I think about things, and I want to be able to think about Sin and its consequences in light of the culture that I’m currently a part of.

I’ve begun reading Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate by Jerry Bridges. As he introduces the book, he writes how Paul addressed the Corinthian church (in 1 Corinthians) as saints, despite their many issues in moral and relational areas. Bridges paraphrases Paul’s point by saying that they were engaging in “conduct unbecoming a saint” (Bridges 15).

I wonder if Paul would have a similar message if he looked at the so-called Conservative Evangelical Right today represented in this article: http://www.salon.com/2016/05/18/christian_right_voters_get_in_line_behind_trump_because_conservatism_has_always_been_their_true_religion/

The author very bluntly calls out the Christians (conservatives) for supporting Trump, a man of admittedly scarce moral reputation. Why is this the case? She says it’s because some of the traditionally conservative positions happen to be Republican stances that Trump is somewhat obligated to uphold. The last sentence of the report reads as follows:

“It’s hard to imagine the Jesus of the Bible thinking much of this, but none of the supposedly faithful stepped up to chasten the open racism. Instead, the anti-choice activists around me just laughed.” — Amanda Marcotte

Do we as conservative Christians, even Mennonites, act similarly, jumping on the bandwagon when it fits our religious paradigm? As Bridges says, we must consider who we are as saints. As representatives to the world of Jesus, our actions and attitudes are to be a powerful reflection of love and grace. Rather, we tend to project our own sinful desires because we are after all human. This is not an excuse to act this way, but it is a reminder that as saints, we are called to submit to the Lord himself who gave us our gift of salvation.

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