Fasting For Immunity and Weight Loss

Have you ever been rocked by an emotional earthquake? When I learned that I was pre-diabetic, my world spiraled out of control. In addition to being pre-diabetic, I had high cholesterol too. My doctor did not mince words when she insisted I take a statin. I wanted to lower my cholesterol through diet instead of taking a statin. At five feet tall and weighing one hundred eighty pounds placed in the obese category.

After perusing a zillion articles about lowering cholesterol and insulin levels, I stumbled upon Dr. Jason Fung’s book The Obesity Code. What I learned from reading his book changed the trajectory of my health. I lost forty pounds in ten months; and lowered my cholesterol by 100 points.

I started my fasting journey by doing 17 hours of fasting each day. I also did 23 hours of fasting with a one-hour eating window. I felt so much better when I fasted. I did one month of 72 hours of Intermittent Fastings to challenge myself. Going from size twelve jeans to four helped me stay motivated. I had chronic sciatica for many months. After one month of Intermittent Fasting, my sciatica went away. Instead of spending a small fortune on chiropractic visits, I now spend my money on quality foods known to keep inflammation at bay. My new healthy diet consists of organic pasture-raised eggs,grass-fed butter and beef, organic low-carb vegetables, and berries.

What you eat when you break your fast is more important than the fast itself. Intermittent Fasting helps lower insulin. Once your insulin goes down you can tap into the fat stores in your body, but if we consume too much sugar or carbohydrates our body will burn those foods first. The science of Intermittent Fasting is fascinating, and I still have a ton more to learn.

Intermittent Fasting has given me an outlet to better my health and, at the same time opportunity to have complete control. Covid 19 took center stage two months after I began fasting and, my world turned upside down. I taught high school French and Spanish, and it took its’ toll on my emotional health after going one hundred percent remote in March 2020. Creating online lessons for AP French, French 3, French 4, and two-level one Spanish class was no small feat. A lot of students had a difficult time with remote learning. I had little control over many things, but Intermittent Fasting became my saving grace.

The heartache of losing four family members to Covid in 2020 had me spiraling down more emotional roller coasters. On December 29th, 2020, I ended up in the hospital with four clots in my lungs. By the time I got sick, I had already lost twenty pounds. I had to go on medical leave the entire second semester, and in July 2021, all four clots were gone.

What started as a desperate move to avoid taking a statin, lowering my cholesterol, and losing weight ended up being what saved my life. June, first 2021, I retired from teaching. A new year a new me. I want to concentrate on my health. I started an Instagram account dedicated to fasting for immunity. I hope you will visit often.


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