When we set out to fix home WiFi, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. It’s taken grit, hard work, and a lot of crazy ideas. One supporter who’s never questioned our crazy ideas? Mom.

eero’s goal is to elevate life at home, for our moms and everyone we love. It should be effortless to have a family movie night, video chat when we’re far from home, or email when we can’t remember the secret ingredient for the family spaghetti recipe. We want technology to make it easier to do what we love with the people we love.

So, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our moms for everything. You inspire us to go after our crazy ideas every day.

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Just a few eero moms

Happy Mother’s Day!

-The eero team

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Like me, many of you have the responsibility of managing WiFi networks for family and friends. Some of you are even lucky enough to manage a network for a second home. But, when you can’t be there in person, understanding and troubleshooting a home WiFi network is difficult, if not impossible.

Now, eero is helping make it a little easier, with a new feature in the eero app called Switch Network. And it does just what you’d think: allows you to switch between and manage the home networks you’re responsible for.

Adding a new network to your account

If you already have an eero network set up, adding another network to your account is…

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The eero 3-pack is perfect for the typical home. But what if you live in a smaller house, apartment, or condo? Many people have homes that two eeros would cover in fast, reliable WiFi — so it’s no surprise that a common question we get is: When are we going to debut a 2-pack?

In the spirit of ensuring that eero works well for homes of all shapes and sizes, we’re excited to announce an eero 2-pack — on sale for a limited time for $349 on Amazon.com, …


Nick Weaver

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