The Shift from the Goddess, and her return.

As promised, I said I would write to you. On my travels I have been thinking a lot about Goddesses, ancient goddess cultures, Mother Earth….the Feminine Divine.

As mystical and romantic as that sounds, I have also been thinking a lot about Trump, and the current global state of affairs — the women’s marches, bio-technology, microchips, hippies/rise of consciousness and pro-life warriors etc. It’s intriguing just how stark and public this disharmony between methods of thought are right now. No one can be silenced, and as many of us are experiencing internally, the rising of the collective shadows are right at the surface and causing much grief.

Today after reading over lunch on Goddess Artemis, how she is not just a Virgin goddess and huntress; but how she is giver of abundance, the All-Mother, the bringer of life and the angel of death, the totality of all of the natural world. Together with Selene and Hekate the triune aspect of the Goddess is vividly brought to life.

Later this evening I was struck at just how big a shift has taken place since the Goddess worshipping cultures were demolished by Semitic rooted religions — Judaism, and from that, Christianity and Islam.

A few days ago when reading on set, in the chapter on Sumerian and Egyptian Goddesses, Campbell brings up the ‘Hamlet experience’, a term Nietzche coined. It describes how in individual cases in psychology, where the father role is emphasised, nature and the woman (mother) are rejected.

“Ophelia, you can go drown yourself.”

“Oh, that this too sullied flesh would melt” — one has developed hate of self, own body, hate of nature, wants nothing to do with it, and wants to change it.

With this in mind, we begin to think about how the Hamlet experience is happening in the macrosm right now. How familiar these hatreds run within Materialist children. Women hate their bodies, men hate theirs — and increasingly women’s too unless unnaturally enhanced, people don’t care for plant and animal consciousness or spending time in nature, mud is ‘gross’.

It all feels so new but really, this collective blockage has been growing for quite a long time.

The evidence suggests that practically all cultures originated worshipping the goddess, as metaphor of the earth giving birth to all things upon it. Prehistoric venus figurines and goddess artwork are found globally. But something happened. Something shifted, and the Semites were the leaders of the shift. As nomadic communities shifted towards agriculture, and working with the land many cultures retained their goddess worshipping roots — even extending them as now they had a strong understanding of the mathematical order of the cosmos…the goddess was far greater than they could have imagined, and the cycles of the great cosmic Goddess were proven to truly echoe in the cycles of women, as they suspected.

I can only guess here that as cities developed and agriculture became more common, that greed also developed.

Invasions become a real threat and defence systems must be established.

The Semites, however were really the ones who were pushing the demise of the Goddess, in favour of worshipping a male God. With the advancing of metal tools, unfortunately weapons also advanced. From Judaism we receive Islam and Christianity (the last great tradition of the Semitic line) — and note that the Goddess is absent. In these religions, only God is granted the honour of personification.

It was Eve who ate the fruit…

As campbell writes:

“And so we have a pattern of exclusivism here; we have a pattern of social emphasis or social laws, and we have an antinature accent. The whole history of the Old Testament is Yahweh against the nature cults. The Goddess is called the Abomination, and she and her divinities are called demons and they are not given the credit of being divine. And along with that comes the feeling that the divine life is not within us; divinity is out there. The attitude of prayer is outward, whereas in the old days it was turning inward to the immanent divine.”

Which really seems the crux of the problem. This looking outward to an external deity leads to a total connection of the divine within. The Abomination of the Feminine, creates misogyny on multiple scales, from disrespecting mother earth and seeing her resources as something to be ‘used’ and manipulated, so too are women (needs no further explanation) as reflections of this power, and animals (in particular the female cow, which the dairy industry has manifest as routine abuse of the feminine divine, the sacred cow, her holy milk).

Today we experience a vivid clash of ideals, where the male meets the female and is finally beginning to see he underestimated her wrath. Men are known to be more immediate with their reactions to abuse….women more calculated. It takes time for a woman to conjur the most fitting revenge…

I have hope with the rise of female power in societies wrangled by greed, that this is paralleled in the macrocosm. As this battle commences between the power hungry and the nature lovers — we shall see that it is the Feminine Divine who breaks through this overwhelming patriarchal dominance.

Kali is here.