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4 min readJan 9, 2017
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After 2 years of hard work, we have launched our very first adaptive music experience, Weav Run. The app measures how fast you run, and continuously adapts the tempo of our music to fit. No matter how fast or slow you run, your feet will always be in sync with the beat of the music. It’s a pretty magical experience that makes your runs much more enjoyable. You will run a bit faster, for a bit longer, a bit more often.

In fact, consider it our humble contribution to your new year’s resolution :)

There is more to come, of course. Soon our pace control mode will help you maintain a pace target given in minutes-per-km-or-mile. The app will control the tempo of the music for you — all you have to do is stay in sync with the beat. We have much more planned, too.

Weav Music has invented a new type of music that can play at any tempo. Making music in our format is very similar to remixing a track. It is still early days for us. Thus far, some 50 teams of professional musicians have produced around 100 tracks using our technology. We are working with partner companies on the first five experiences built around this growing library of music. Weav Run is our first such launch. It is a small step towards a new way of thinking about recorded music in our increasingly digital lives. Yet we are beyond excited to share it with the world!

One Note by Alberto Giurioli & Geoff Lawson on Weav Music Mixer

My fiancée Elomida and I at first started Weav Music as a side-project. We wanted music that could change its tempo while you listen to it. Back then the motivation wasn’t running, but rather a cute little game for lovers that Elo invented. (I may write more later about that game!) But once we made our first track that could play at any tempo, we soon realized we were on to something much bigger.

Because everyone had a new use case for our technology!

My cousin Dagmar loves running to music. Being in sync with a glorious beat makes her running feel like flying, she explained. But she also loves interval training with dramatic tempo changes during her workouts. So, finding music with the right tempo was near impossible for her. Weav’s adaptive music can not only play back at any tempo, but also change tempo at any time. Problem solved!

And not only for running, either. Weav’s adaptive music lets you stay in sync with the beat during any fitness activity. Cycling, swimming, HIIT, aerobics, rowing, kickboxing. Our music makes working out feel more like dancing and less like working.

Likewise, extreme sports. Our adaptive music can play faster the faster a skier goes downhill. The same for kite surfing, mountain biking, car racing, etc. My ex-wife is an expert dance teacher. She loves to start teaching her students a new pattern at a very slow tempo. And then ask them to speed up as they pick up the new technique. Again, Weav’s adaptive music is perfect. Music teaching. Video games. Soon AR and VR experiences.

Before we both quit our day jobs to build Weav Music, we of course did our research. And we found that the idea of music that can change while you listen to it isn’t new at all. But it is an idea whose time has finally come! Not only because of our invention, but because of the power of modern listening devices making it possible. In fact, we have come to believe we are at the beginning of a new era in recorded music.

Please do get in touch if you would like to make music with our software. Or if you would like to integrate our adaptive music player with an app you are building.

Happy Days,

Lars & Elomida & Team Weav

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