The list of Web3 Foundation grant recipients keeps growing at a rapid pace. Since the beginning of this year, we have funded 48 grants, a sign of our commitment towards enriching the Web3 ecosystem and of the continued influx of technically strong teams bringing great ideas to it. Including this quarter, over 250 different projects have been accepted to our grants programs since inception. We are humbled and thankful for the astonishing amount of interest in our technologies and the excellent work done by all participating teams.

But the numbers aren’t all: we continuously strive to improve our grants programs…

Web 3.0 Bootcamp Hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, New Chainbase, Parity and Web3 Foundation Comes Back with More Attractive Trainings and Rewards

March 25th, 2021. Web3 Foundation, Parity, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and New Chainbase kicked off the second Web 3.0 Bootcamp, in which twelve outstanding startups from around the world will be selected to join a six-month training program. …

The end of 2020 marked two years of Web3 Foundation grants. In the first year, we awarded more than 60 grants via the General Grants Program. In the second year we added the Open Grants Program and more than doubled this number, signing a total of 147 grants. The last one was signed on New Year’s Eve, showing the efficiency of the partly automated, asynchronous and quicker Open Grants process.

We are happy with what we have achieved over the past two years and are delighted to say that the Grants Program will remain open in 2021 and we will…

In May of this year we were delighted to announce that we had funded a total of 100 grants. Now, just over six months later, we have doubled that number; we have now surpassed our 200 grants milestone!

A lot has happened since then, and the ecosystem is thriving.

Since our grants program started in December 2018, we have received a total of 512 applications, of which 219 were accepted; 201 have already signed their agreements. To date, 69 teams have already completed their projects and 112 have successfully delivered their first milestone. See all the grants accepted here.

Our mission at Web3 Foundation is to facilitate the next generation of the web: a decentralized and fair internet where users control their own data and markets benefit from network efficiency and security. This post is part of an ongoing series of blogs where we report the security audits carried out to strengthen our system.

We are happy to announce that Web3 Foundation has set up a low-cost and open-source registrar service that automatically verifies Element (previously called Riot), Twitter, and Email accounts associated with a Polkadot account. This service will be extended to more verification options in the near future. This article illustrates the various benefits for validators and other token holders of setting an on-chain identity and gives further resources on how to use the service.

Benefits for Validators

The security assumptions of the Polkadot network are based around a core of honest validators, which safeguard the network and verify the state transition of the blockchain…

We are pleased to announce the most recent recipients of our grants program at the end of the third quarter of 2020! We’re excited by the number of talented teams working collaboratively to contribute to the Polkadot and Kusama tech stack.

We’re still looking for new projects to fund and to continue the expansion of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. See the list of previously accepted projects here.

Recipients 🚀

In total we funded 20 projects in September alone, which is a new record for a single month. This is a strong sign of growth. …

We are pleased to announce the Q2 recipients of our grants program! We are humbled by the number of high-quality grant applications we’ve received, and are excited to help projects bring these technologies into reality.

We’re still looking for new projects to fund and to continue the expansion of the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

A list of all grant winners can be found here.

Recipients 🚀

In this wave there was a lot of progress in terms of supporting developers and providing new interfaces for users. We continued to fund wallets and developer tooling to make the entry to our ecosystem easier. …

Token transferability was enabled, exactly at block number 1,205,128 on August 18th at 16:39 UTC. This will not change the denomination of DOT (old) which still represents 10**12 Planck.

The redenomination will occur approximately 3 days later, at around 16:40 UTC on the 21st August, exactly at block number 1,248,328 where each New DOT will represent 10**10 Planck, 100 times less of an amount.

Do not be fooled by suspiciously low DOT prices. Though most exchanges will represent DOT accurately, there is a chance that some unscrupulous exchanges may choose to enact the redenomination prior to the date agreed by…

Denomination Day Public Notice‪

At block number 1,248,328 on August 21st at approximately 16:40 UTC, the DOT token will undergo a redenomination from its original sale. ‘New DOT’ will be 100x smaller than ‘DOT (old)’. Therefore, your DOT balance will be 100x higher and the price per DOT will be 100x lower. ‪The percentage of the DOT you own relative to total supply will remain unchanged. This will not affect the total value of your position. DOT holders still own an equal share of the network as before. See the Polkadot blog post for more information.‬

Web3 Foundation Team

Web3 Foundation is building an internet where users are in control of their own data, identity and destiny. Our primary project is @polkadotnetwork.

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