With volumetric filmmaking becoming more accessible and with WebXR soon to provide more possibilities, I thought it was important to review some of the lessons I’ve learned while working on 360 video for different media organizations.

These are lessons and thoughts that I hope will be useful for newsrooms, virtual…

At TrackRecord, a new English music site by Univision, we recently released our first 360 video with spatial sound. …

As the wave of virtual reality continues to grow, the need to showcase our projects in public spaces increases. Still, we are learning the best ways to deal with the technicalities of bringing VR headsets outside our confortable studios.

Here my lessons learned building VR Installations to showcase projects with…

A quick post to share our first project with TrackRecord, the new music vertical of Univision. In their first virtual reality feature, we take a tour of the iconic East Village record store Other Music, which closed its doors last week.

This project was useful — not only to keep the memory of this emblematic place alive #OtherMusicForEver. But also to show to the whole team at TrackRecrod the workflow to film and produce with this technology!

More to come@

Slides and notes of my thesis project presentation — Studio 20 NYU

Imagine your readers having this reaction to a story.

Fragment of the video “Priceless Reactions To The Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset” by Business Insider

This video was a roller coaster ride simulated by a computer. But what if the same thing could happen in journalism?

With cameras and rigs…

Our first experience using DepthKit — with filmmaker Sisa Bueno

Depthkit is a new technology to film 3D video. The tool allows you to record pixels with depth, relating two sources: the depth sensor-data from a Kinect XBOX and the image you obtain from a DSLR camera. All of this open source!

Maybe you are familiar with this documentary project…

El periódico estrena su primer documental en 360 grados y demuestra que existen posibilidades narrativas en el video esférico

En mayo del 2014 se filtró al mundo la estrategia interna que el New York Times (NYT) preparaba para adaptarse a la era digital. El llamado Innovation Report era un documento interno que reveló el miedo que el periódico empezaba a tener a sus competidores digitales.

En pocas palabras, el…

This post is a summary of frequently asked questions that I get everyday from friends, family, colleagues and classmates. Right now I’m working on my final thesis about the possibilities of 360-degree video in journalism and I’m partnering with Fusion Network for my hands-on research.

Panoramic frame of a 360-degree video inside a juvenile kids in Louisiana by Fusion Network

360 degree video:

360 video…

In a few hours my colleagues in Barcelona (Spain) are presenting a pioneering graduate program in Gender and Communication. Isabel Muntané and Joana Gallego have built a groundbreaking master’s degree that not only defeats the pillars of traditional journalism, but also the patriarchal-university structure in itself.

At this point, we…

So last week we did a feedback exercise. In our case, for our Collective Pulse Project we got the feedback from Kania Arzina and Justin Gordon:

It was kind of surprising that our classmates envisioned our project to be part of the art installation at the Singapore Airport, an airport famous for its innovation in creating meaningful spaces inside its corridors.

For Justin and Kania our project could be a way of entreating and relaxing passengers — at the same time they learned something about the city they have landed.

Clàudia Prat

Media Innovation & Producer — 360-degree video / Associated Press / New York Times / Univision www.webdocc.net @studio20NYU alum

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