With volumetric filmmaking becoming more accessible and with WebXR soon to provide more possibilities, I thought it was important to review some of the lessons I’ve learned while working on 360 video for different media organizations.

These are lessons and thoughts that I hope will be useful for newsrooms, virtual reality companies and anyone willing to create compelling nonfiction stories.

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Testing two Samsung 2017 360 video cameras

The potential of sharing scenes of “the mundane”

It is said that renowned journalist Ryszard Kapuściński always traveled with two notebooks. …

At TrackRecord, a new English music site by Univision, we recently released our first 360 video with spatial sound. “Princess Nokia: ABC & 123's” was recorded in July, and it took us months to figure out how to edit and share the video with this new sound feature (we released a stereo version in September).

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With spatial audio, users exploring a 360 video, either by swiping the screen or by moving their head in a VR headset, experience the sound based on where they are looking.

From a production standpoint, this means that we need to:

  1. Capture at least four channels of audio (front, back, left, right). …

As the wave of virtual reality continues to grow, the need to showcase our projects in public spaces increases. Still, we are learning the best ways to deal with the technicalities of bringing VR headsets outside our confortable studios.

Here my lessons learned building VR Installations to showcase projects with the HTC Vive this summer.

For a HTC Vive VR Showcase you only need two lighthouse / base stations

One thing we learned pretty quickly is that, if you are using 2 or 3 VR Headsets to showcase your work- you will only need to install two lighthouse base stations to track them.

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The best is to use the sync cable to connect the stations and ensure the better connection between them. Beyond this it’s easy, each computer will recognize automatically the base stations. …


Clàudia Prat

Media Innovation & Producer — 360-degree video / Associated Press / New York Times / Univision www.webdocc.net @studio20NYU alum

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