Technology is therefore amoral to the degree that its trajectory diverges from that which serves the utilitarian benefit of humanity. It is immoral to the degree that this trajectory exacerbates human suffering.
On the Antiscientific Fetishization of Tech Founders
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

lol, you read my mind! I never thought of it in terms of technology diverging from a line of morality, but actual goals that we as a whole (the whole world) have and dreams we have about how society could be. I take it further still by stating that it’s not good, nor bad. Just ultimately beneficial to Humanity as a whole, or not. Anything which is not, is just technology with selfish goals. So we were to make a pie chart about how much tech is created every year that is offered for free to the benefit of humanity, compared to the tech that is commercialized, I’d imagine that the slice for humanity is very slim while the “selfish reasons” slice would be almost the entire pie. I believe this simply stems from the ongoing psychological battle in all of us: “love vs. fear”

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