Do You Really Need a Brand for Your Small E-commerce Business

Small Business Branding Toronto

If you operate a Small E-commerce Business, you may think that branding is not for you but the big names and brick-and-mortar stores, small e-commerce stores just need to get on and do the job.

The truth is, in spite of the size of business, branding is crucial, no matter if you sell handcrafted jewelry, phone cases or pet toys online. Let’s put it this way, if you care about the reputation and long-term prosperity (who doesn’t), I might then get your attention here.

What Others Say About You
 Reputation is almost synonymous of branding. More accurately, branding is about the impression you make, it is “what people say about you when you are not in the room”, according to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. Of course, you can leave a positive impression in the mind of your target customers even without working on anything related to branding. But the perceptions can change or evolve in just seconds, so, you can either just let whatever impression you give happen haphazardly, or you take control and nurture a positive and last impression. Your choice.

Stand Out From the Crowded

If you have struggled in the price wars with other price-driven competitors, a strong branding is absolutely essential to help you to win, especially if yours chime in with what your potential customers value. In additions, when more small retailers move online and reach to your niche market, crafting a clear and unique brand identity helps differentiate yourself from competitors in the crowded e-commerce realm. 
 The Pillar of Overall Customer Experience

Branding also plays an important role in the shopping experience. Because you no longer talk to your target customers physically like traditional brick-and-mortar stores do, you’re not able to control the conversation. Your brand takes the major responsibility of resonating with online shoppers and establish the reputation.

It is Affordable

Many Small E-commerce Business owners think that branding is a luxury of which only big companies can afford. It is also a really tough decision to make when thinking of spending money on something expensive that doesn't directly generate sales. But your company logo, the posts on your website blog, the look of your online store front–these components all build to create an impression of your business.