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I am Subraa, A Web Designer Singapore. Having concerned on the recent attacks due to Blue Whale game, I had thought to share a brief post on the Dangerous Killer Game and its impacts.Death rate has increased all over the Globe due to various reasons and many had committed suicide in the recent past, the reason behind is the dangerous game called Blue whale.

Should any teenager (11 to 19 years of age) is an addict to Internet, it’s time to alert them on a dangerous game called Blue whale. 50 Tasks assigned in this game are too dangerous and…

“A small city with sheen of Wealth — Singapore”

A playground of rich people, the land of beauty and luxury, multi-cuisine and end-less shopping. Yes, Singapore is what I am referring to. This futuristic city provides the Tourist with family friendly attraction and public transportation that provides great convenience to move around Singapore. English prevails everywhere supporting the fellow Tourist for any guidance and multi-cuisine restaurants satisfying them with rich and healthy food.

Should you visit Singapore as a Tourist, it’s time for you to visit the below listed Tourist attractions and cherish the beauty of Singapore (you would sure…

Could anyone presume what this article about?

Let me try to read your mind

· Hmm! Something about Freelancing
· Huh! Another boring article on Freelancers
· Tips for Freelancers to succeed

Should above list be your thoughts, you would hear much more than that in this article.

Let’s discuss!

Are you Running out of projects as a Freelancer?
Don’t have time to spend for yourself in tight schedule?

The above scenarios are completely contrary circumstances — aren’t they?

Oh YES!!

However, the solution is identical for both the scenarios. …

“Business that seldom fail in popularity and profitability”

Yes, I am talking about Property Realtors and Real Estate Business. Real Estate Business over the Globe has huge demand and the search for Land & Buildings is a never-ending hobby for the public. There prevail numerous Real Estate Agents World-wide and Singapore is no different.

The in-definite attraction towards Singapore infrastructure and effective Business strategies followed by Realtors plays a vital role for boosting this business. Marketing strategies include Voice Marketing, Newspaper ads, Television ads, Social Media promotion, Website development, Search Engine Optimization [SEO] and many more.

A Web Designer Singapore

The standard of Education is far beyond greatness in Singapore and one must admit that Educational Institutes offer quality Knowledge for students during their tenure. Government has taken severe measures by auditing the respective Institutes in regular interval and making sure quality education is being served to Students.

A high competition prevails between these Educational Institutes and vital key factor that decides the success is their reputation and professional Website they possess. …

Product companies in Singapore offer diverse products and these products are unique on their own rights. The marketing capabilities of these product companies are highly commendable and the best approach is to have a Website designed to showcase their product and engaging Social Mediaeffectively for Digital Marketing.

I am pleased to work with these product companies in providing Web services and Digital Marketing. Experience gained from ROV, Jovil Universal and Infantron — leading product companies in Singapore has helped me serve more product companies all over the Globe. …

The Need for Finance is a never-ending necessity and every Entrepreneur move towards Finance industries to fulfill their Funds requirement. Singapore is not short of these Finance industries and continually have their door open for these Entrepreneurs to get benefited.

Being a Web Designer Singapore, it has been a pleasure working with leading Financial companies namely GET CAPITAL, BUSINESS LOANS, FTF and more of its kind. Having prior knowledge on their Business flow has facilitated me providing sensible Web Services and continue an enduring relationship with these Financial industries.

I have offered variety of services to these Financial Companies that…

You would sure need the help of Google Plus to promote your Business Online as an Entrepreneur. Let us discuss about Do’s and Don’ts in Google Plus and how a business can be showcased effectively.

Profile and Business Page Creation:

It is essential for your business to have a Google+ profile and Business page with unique descriptive contents to show case your Business and Services.

Name your Google+ profile and Business page related to your business or services having SEO in mind. It is vital to be aware of Business Keywords before naming your Profile or Business Page.

Common Mistake…

Travelling ahead with 100 million plus users and pins, Pinterest is a powerful tool for SEO Analysts.

This article is not to direct the readers about settings and how to work with Pinterest. Instead, we’re going to discuss on how to optimize your Pinterest profile, Boards and Pins effectively with respect to SEO.

Now we need to act smarter to use Pinterest effectively and optimize your profile and Pins with proper strategy.

How do we do it? Let’s Discuss!!

Profile Creation and Optimization:

Whether be it any Social Networking Sites, Profile creation needs special attention and require unique approach employed.

Subbu PD

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