15 Tools and Resources That Designers and Developers Are Using In 2018

It can be challenging to keep up with the latest web technologies. Here, the importance of continuous learning cannot be overemphasized. It also takes the right tools to enable you to put your newfound knowledge to work. Fortunately, plenty of people are building some awesome tools and they are only too eager to help you out.

Right now is a good time to delete any tools from your computer that aren’t quite cutting it anymore. It is just the high time to replace them with web design and development tools. They can streamline your workflow and add an extra dose of creativity to your projects. They can encourage you to accept and take on the challenges new technologies bring with them.

The tools and resources in the following list will help you on your way to becoming more productive. They will keep you better informed, and keep a step ahead of your competition.

Elementor Page Builder

This WordPress page-builder is number one in its class for several reasons. With this open source website builder, it’s easy to visually create awesome websites without coding. Elementor is lightning fast, it’s developer friendly, and it features live frontend editing. In addition, Elementor is free to use.

Elementor’s growing popularity is astounding. Within the first two years of its existence, it reached over 900,000 active installs. A wide-ranging template library comes with the package, although Elementor will work with any theme. It’s easy to use, doesn’t slow down your site’s performance, and offers a more streamlined workflow for professional designers.

Built-in to Elementor is its theme builder, expanding Elementor beyond the page level. Your site’s header, footer, single post, archive page and all other areas are built dynamically.

The most popular features include theme builder, form integrations, a visual form builder, reusable templates, menu builder, and custom CSS.

Mobirise Website Builder

Creating awesome mobile-friendly websites is Mobirise’s specialty. This is also a great tool to have for smaller projects such as small websites, promo websites or pages, landing pages, and portfolios. No coding is necessary, and all the features and design elements you’re likely to need come with the package, including more than 1,200 trendy blocks and templates, and libraries of 7,000 icons, 850 fonts, and 500,000 free images.

There are several other very good reasons for choosing Mobirise. It’s drag and drop functionality makes it simple to use. Since it’s an offline builder, you’re not tied to a specific platform, you have total control over how you build a website, and you can host a finished product anywhere.

In addition, Mobirise is free and without restrictions. You can use it for both commercial and personal reasons. More than 1.5 million Mobirise-built sites are currently up and running.

Amelia — Enterprise-Level WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

Amelia is a WordPress plugin that can best be described as providing a quick, comfortable, and flawlessly-designed automated booking application that works 24/7 to ensure your customers can make appointments at any time of the day or night. This plugin gives you full control over your appointments, your schedule, your clients and customers, and your employees.

You can choose colors and fonts for Amelia’s frontend elements to make your booking controls match your WordPress theme and your corporate brand.

Amelia is easy to install, no special training is required, and once you set it up it’s on autopilot. One of its advantages is that you pay a one-time fee to install it and put the booking system in place instead of paying an hourly or salaried employee to do it.

Amelia is the creation of wpDataTables, a CodeCanyon many years top seller.

As Amelia just launched, it is available at a promotional price for several weeks, so hurry before it goes up.

Uncode — Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

All good things take time, with exceptions. Uncode’s portfolio-building capabilities is one of them. You don’t have to start building from scratch, coding is unnecessary, and with cool new features like Slides Scroll, Shape Dividers, and the powerful Gallery Manager, you’ll be amazed with the awesome results you can achieve within a relatively short time.


monday.com provides a centralized platform from which teams can manage every detail of their tasks and assignments. monday.com can be used by a team or 2 or a widely-dispersed teams of 2,000+, and by both tech and non-tech oriented teams.

This team management tool encourages project transparency, improves communication and collaboration, and boosts productivity.


Nutcache is an all-inclusive, business-oriented project management application that is especially well-suited for designers, developers, and project managers that adhere to Agile principles and processes, including for example Scrum and Kanban.

Everything from initial estimating and budgeting, to project time tracking and expense management and final billing is easily managed by Nutcache.

34,000 Icons Full Bundle by Roundicons.com

This valuable resource provides access to 34,000 royalty-free icons, the world’s biggest bundle of these key design elements of its type. Flat icons, full icons, doodle icons, solid icons, and on and on, are there for you to pick and choose among.

These icons are available in all the common formats and come with a commercial use license. They’re yours to download for a one-time payment (use coupon code R120OFFALL to receive a 20% discount).

Themify Ultra

Themify Ultra is a multipurpose theme you can use to build virtually any website for any client. The package features a host of pre-designed layouts covering a wide variety of niches, customizable mega-menus, header and footer layout and post layouts, and WooCommerce support. A free portfolio post type plugin is also included.


Houzez has all the features and functionalities realtors and agencies need and can use to satisfy the requirements spelled out in their business model. These include listings format options, advanced search capabilities, and payment options.

New features like the custom fields builder and search composer have made Houzez an even more flexible and powerful tool with which to administer the real estate marketplace. Houzez also provides great customer support.


Salesmate is a WordPress plugin you can use with your website to more deeply engage and capture a lead and add it to your customer relationship management system and to your sales team.

Salesmate keeps your website leads organized, tags leads having varying views, moves them through different stages of the sales cycle, and enables you to respond to them faster; creating more sales in the process.

PhotoBlocks Grid Gallery

With Photoblocks’ drag and drop functionalities and visual builder, you can easily create a pixel-perfect, engaging, eye-catching gallery to showcase your products or your work. Since Photoblocks is responsive it will scale your gallery up or down no matter the screen size. Photoblocks supports filters and features many hover effects together with social sharing icons to boost your social networks presence.


Stockfresh is an up-and-coming stock photo agency that can present you with literally millions of amazing hand-picked stock photos and vector images, all at extremely competitive prices. This agency is currently working to extend their selection to include templates, themes, fonts, and other useful design goodies. We suggest you look for special discount codes at checkout.


Portfoliobox is an online website builder for artists, designers, photographers and other creative professionals. It is not theme-based, it’s flexible and extremely easy to use, and no coding is required when using it.

All Portfoliobox’s templates are free for every user, with the free plan allowing hosting of 50 images, 10 products and 10 pages.


Brick and mortar stores having an online presence and online stores alike stand to benefit by using Beamer. Beamer is an online newsfeed and changelog that can be used to supplant email newsletters, blogs, live chats and other methods of announcing product or service changes or promotions. Beamer can seamlessly be inserted in a “What’s New” section of your website complete with a menu item or icon and is a great way to increase your user engagement.

The Web Designer YouTube Channel

Visit this landing page for the latest in informative content you can immediately apply to use in your day-to-day web design work. The Web Designers features high-quality video tutorials on subjects such as UI, UX, WordPress, typography, and features design tips and real web design examples as well.

Since this service is designed to help you get more and higher-paid projects, we suggest you consider subscribing now.


You can easily use one or more of these 15 top-quality tools and resources now! Use them to improve your day-to-day web design/development results. These tools will help you smooth project workflows, and increase sales. Same applies to improving project transparency or boosting productivity.

These products and services are either completely free or free to try. Some of them are cost effective and affordable.

You really can’t make a bad choice! Plus, you’ll have taken a good step in your ongoing effort to keep pace with changing web technologies.

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