Best Website Building Platforms and Tools of 2017

In today’s web market there is no deficiency for web building tools and platforms. But when the developer considers about products that have all prime features and capabilities, the options become shrunken. However, finding an affordable, good web-building platform or tool is bit tough. The developer may prefer a product with easy usability, affordability, customizability and flexibility. It is sure that those features will deliver a high-performing website with attractive and engaging User experience design (UX).

Elegant and flexible content management is the main key to get a website up and run quickly. It is important that end products should be responsive, user and SEO friendly. The developer can deploy a number of widgets to make the website more functional. Your website can also be tied up with social media to get more attraction. Let us see here about the best website designing and development tools. There are umpteen web companies started to design websites. Nevertheless, finding the eligible, smart and proactive website design and development company is in the hands of the owner.

Website Building Platforms


Usersnap is one of the wonderful and best website development tools that make the works easy for the developers. Improving websites, receiving feedback forms in screen shots from the end users and visitors communication along with solving web related issues are the key role of Usersnap. This elegant tool allows easier communication; obtain feedback and installing a feedback system which runs on all the browsers. It also helps to choose the best theme that matches your site identity. This Usersnap website and development tool aids in making the website alluring, appealing and convenient for the users.


Good Barber

Creativity is found among everyone whereas some can give them a shape and some cannot. Good barber is an efficient tool that helps individuals to those who have ideas of their own personalized mobile applications but they are unknown to shape the ideas out of their lacking knowledge. Such a Creative tool is being feasible and the best alternative to the intricate web design and development projects. Good barber tool provides a simple interface with which one can easily design a mobile application. It offers a variety of templates and customizing tools for creating a professional app. However, unlike other app builders, it does not submit the app to the Google Play or App store. The developer has to do that himself.

Breezi Nitrogen:

If you expect more speed of your website, then you can surge the projects to the next level with the website builder called Breezi Nitrogen. Generally, website builders present the distinct benefit of streamlining the project to the extreme. When Breezi is chosen, the developer will obtain to work with a fancy tool called designbot. It helps to jump through iteration at an alarming speed. Hence, it helps your website to be faster when compared with other tools.


Creating a database for a business or a company is not such an easy task that requires special skill sets. But now with the help of Team Desk tool, one can easily create a database for the company or business by showing the information and structure. The provides a centralized and an accurate data source which is easily manageable. TeamDesk also gives a chance to access the company’s information via an online database system. It immensely works to improve the business performance. TeamDesk web-databases escalate the developer to manage critical business data and information and it permits modifying online applications over the internet at any time. Your team members can access and collaborate due to the availability of the system in online. Such a database creative tool has been utilized in the business for more than a decade and it attained an availability rating of 99.8%.

Browser Stack:

Browser Stack

We do use a variety of browsers. The developers should be aware that the website they have designed and developed should be compatible with all web browsers for a better performance. BrowserStack is an amazing web browser testing tool that makes developers to test their designed websites. It has almost access to all types of mobile and desktop browsers, makes the developers work easily to test whether their designed website is compatible with the browsers or not. offers a service on browser-based virtualization using Adobe flash to provide a virtualized browser within the actual browser. The virtual browsers are available over the cloud. The end users can use BrowserStack resources without installing anything.


Can website design and development exist without any bugs? We can surely nod a big “NO”. The bugs convert the things intricate and even disturb the website’s performance. BugHerd is a precious tool that helps web developers in dealing with the bug issues. This tool has the nature of resolving the minor bug issues automatically and aids to track the existing and potential bugs. So, when the developer encounters any bug problems in the website, then he can easily solve the issue with the great tool BugHerd.


It is an add-on for MS PowerPoint that helps to sketch mockups for websites and applications. It makes templates of new designs quite easily within a time of few clicks. The major advantage of the tool is easy to understand and use. A common design environment is bridged up by the PowerPoint between the developers and users. The powermockup tool helps to make presentation slide interactive and interesting by providing wire-frames and mock-ups for PowerPoint. PowerPoint’s powerful features are compatibility with 2007 and 2010, designs are vector based, avails many exports formats such as PDF, EMF, PNG, excellent printing capacities, video/audio support, and undo/redo options.



A developer or even an ordinary non-geeky can build awesome web pages, sometimes even a website with the great Wordpress plug-in Quards. Using this drag & drop page builder, the developer can create elegant, responsive web pages without any restrictions. The developer can edit even minute details on a newly created web page without touching the coding line with the help of Qards. This plug-in works with any Wordpress theme and it does not concern on your website type and them. There are many options available in Quards such as Text, Feature, Image, Menu, Footer, Subscribe etc, if you need to develop an awesome website or web page, then Quards is the best choice.


Webydo helps to design and manage pixel- perfect responsive websites directly on the browser. It is capable of generating clean code for the designs and including advanced cloud hosting. Advanced features like built-in CMS helps to bill the clients directly from the dashboard. Webydo has the capability of transforming the web design business. It has been created for professional and by professional designers; the intuitive studio gives the same feel as the design software which is ever used. Thus, Webydo offers unique options such as advanced text styling and code-free parallax scrolling animator. Designers can entirely re-brand the platform and offer a unique and separate CMS for their clients along with other features.



Yola, a website builder had been launched in 2007. From the inception, it helped to create more than 10 million websites. Yola is elegant; it has a great intuitive though it is outdated. Using Yola, the developer can build a website by adding different building blocks such as galleries, videos, Facebook comments and more. HTML/CSS editor are the advanced functionalities used here and with the help of them techies can write their own CSS rules and alter the codes. We are ignoring most of the ads while viewing a website. Many flashing ads interrupt us while browsing a site and we can automatically discard them to precede our action. This pervasive effect is called “banner blindness”. In such cases, Yola helps to build the client’s website that would not suffer the third-party advertisements. It possesses a decent e-commerce engine that has many special features such as real-time shipping quotes, shopping profiles, integration with 20 payment gateways.

CrossBrowser Testing:

The browser capability testing is performed manually with multiple operating systems, multiple machines, and multiple browsers. However, this clearly leads to many problems, huge investments with several challenges. Hence, many tools are developed in the market to make the testing easier. This amazing web-browser tool helps the developers eminently to test their web sites performances on different web browsers. CrossBrowser advanced testing tool provides access to more than 130 web and mobile browsers and 25 operating systems. With the help of CrossBrowser Testing tool developers can ensure that their designed websites are compatible with all the browsers and operating systems. It also helps them to compare their websites with many browsers to know the difference.

These website developing and designing tools offer a variety of various functions that could be used to simplify and understand the encoding, designing, developing process of a website. The user need not have any special skill set to use such website development tools. If an ordinary user wants to imply the website tools, first of all, he has to check out with the tool’s tutorials, instruction and read the basic features. If the user wants to learn he may do it. However, there are many professional web design company whose techies know pretty much about the usage of tools according to the requirement.