Jatin Madhra and Raghav Sawhney join WebAd Advisory Board

Today, we are pleased to announce new advisors joining the WebAd Team.

Raghav Sawhney, Marketing Advisor

Raghav has been working in the Marketing industry for quite a number of years, with diverse experience in a variety of roles. He started working in the sales industry and then went fully into marketing at the inception of cryptocurrency. His unique experience in combining innovation with technology enables him to excel in the cryptocurrency industry, of which he spent the last few years successfully overseeing over 20 ICO’s.

Raghav holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, also a Bachelor Degree in Marketing. Currently, he is the senior client services manager, Digi ASAP, which is a top digital marketing firm in India.

Jatin Madhra, Business Advisor

Jatin is considered one of the most versatile and innovative business strategists for startups in India. He has founded various business initiatives and has positively influenced India’s business system launching businesses from Paytap.co to iAmBient Technologies, He is the founder CEO of Digi ASAP.

Jatin is a significant influencer within the Indian Blockchain community and has actively engaged in developing strategic media content for reputed projects.

Jatin has built various products from scratch in blockchain and crypto ecosystem from an ICO consultancy, crypto currency exchange, crypto currency market place, crypto algorithmic platform and a crypto payment gateway.

Jatin has helped establish various start-up businesses to close successful ICOs, he has also built the most advanced crypto exchange with features like derivatives, bot trading and future options in crypto and executed successful strategic partnerships in blockchain and crypto ecosystem. He has also built various proven business models in these ecosystems.

Jatin graduated with honors from Lancaster University with a Degree in Mechanical engineering. He is also a master’s degree holder in Mechanical engineering.

What’s Next?

We believe these advisors joining WebAd is only the first tide of many. We expect more advisors and partnerships are yet to come. Furthermore, community support is equally important to us. Our ICO will start May 5 2018.

Please stay tuned with our upcoming news and announcements.


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