Setting up a private Webercoin (WBC) wallet using imToken

As our ICO is going on, this guideline will show you how to set up a private Webercoin (WBC) wallet.
This guide will focus on using imToken, which is available on Android and iOS.

Firstly download and install the applicable version of imToken.

imToken Android Version

imToken iOS Version

ImToken for Andriod
ImToken for iOS

After successfully downloading imToken and opening it:

i. Tap on “Create Wallet”.
ii. Give your wallet a name. 
iii. Give it a password.
iv. Select “Agree on Terms of Service and Privacy”.
v. Tap “Create Wallet”

After tapping “Create Wallet” you will be presented with the following screen

Now you should backup your private information.

vi. Tap “Go Backup Now”.

vii. Enter the password you just created.

The following screen will be presented:

It is very important that you do not store your mnemonic phrase in your phone or email as a screenshot. Preferably you write it in a notebook and keep it safe.

viii. Tap “Understood”.

The following screen will be shown, nevertheless your 12-word phrase will be different from the one shown below.

ix. Write these 12 words down in your notebook in the same order they appear on the screen.

x. On the next screen, tap the words in the same order that you wrote them down and tap “Confirm”.

Once confirmed you will be asked if you want to remove mnemonic, tap “OK”. This removes the 12 word phrase from your device. The only place these words exist now is in your notebook and on the blockchain .

Congratulations you have just created your first private Webercoin Wallet!

Tap “Copy Wallet Address”. You can now paste this into the field that requires your Ethereum wallet address for the distribution of your Webercoin tokens!

If you are paying for your Webercoin tokens in ETH you will need to send your ETH to this newly created wallet first, and then make the payment to the address provided on the order page.