The Official Webercoin Airdrop Announcement

Webercoin will be airdropping 1,000,000 WBC to the community

Dear WebAd/Webercoin Community:

Webercoin is humbled and thankful for the contributions and support it has received from our community.

So today, we are launching the Webercoin Airdrop, open to everyone.

We will be allocating 1,000,000 WBC, which equates to 1% of our token supply.

The airdrop will consist of 25 WBC to 40,000 registrants.

To participate, visit:

Social media bounty

Community bounty

Once again, thank you to all our community, contributors and supporters! We look forward to building a healthy WebAd ecosystem together with all of you, where WBC will form a critical piece of the platform!

You can learn more about WebAd/Webercoin through the following channels:

Official Website:


Bitcointalk ANN:





If you have any questions, please contact any of our admins on our Telegram channel