5 W’s for a successful business website

Successful ingredients of a business website

A great business website should answer the five W’s:

  • Who? — Your or your business name.
  • What? — What is that you do?
  • Where? — The location of your showroom, shop or office.
  • When? — What are your working hours?
  • Why? — How’s your offer different from the others?

Who are you?

What is that you do?

Where can people find you?

When they can visit you?

Why you?

Pages you need on your website

  • About us page
    Explaining who you are on a dedicated page together with team pictures and small bio text is very useful to users. They meet you virtually and it increases their trust in you.
  • FAQ section or page
    Adding a page with frequently asked questions (FAQ) section is a great idea if you need to explain more about your products or services. Users find it helpful and allows them to learn more about your company.
  • Contact page
    Allow visitors to contact you quickly without filling in so much information in the contact form. A name and an email address is enough for first time contact. A short contact form is the one that is likely to be filled in. On this very page, add also links to social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. People search for companies on social media and such presence is important to them.
  • Team page
    Show visitors who you are, the people behind the products or services. The “human element” is important to users as it makes them trust you.



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