Streamline 2.5. Now 5,000 icons, easier to use.

After the launch of Streamline 2.0, my friend Khoi Vinh asked me:

“Is there a practical limit to these icon sets? If Streamline can grow 250% in just a year or two, how far off is 10,000 icons — or more?”

At the time, this 10,000 icons milestone sounded a bit crazy to me.

But here we are, boosting the Streamline Ultimate Pack to 5,000 icons!
The 10,000 icons horizon doesn’t seems a silly idea anymore. More about this later…

Free update: 1,000 more icons

You will get all these new icons for free if you already purchased the Streamline Ultimate Pack. Most of them are inspired by the work we’ve done on 2 other collections:

  • Nova Icons (launched in December 2015)
  • Ego Icons (the constantly delayed pack, hopefully we’ll release it this fall)

The goal is to be able to find the same icons in our various collections: the style change, the metaphor stay the same.

Check Our 1,000 New Icons

Organize, Search And Use Icons The Easy Way with Iconjar

What’s the point to have thousands icons if you cannot find the right one? That was a frequent complaint I’ve heard from you, my dear users.

Fortunately, we now have this amazing Mac OSX app: Iconjar

If you don’t use it already, you should. You can organize all your icons in the same place, search by keyword and drop icons directly in Sketch or illustrator. It’s not only useful, but extremely well designed and coded. Fast, reliable and elegant. Did I mention it’s free? :-)

The Streamline icons are now provided as a one-click installation Iconjar file. It took us weeks to tag each 5,000 icons with up to 8 tags, and we hope it will make your life easier.

What’s next?

At this point I’m not sure what to do next to improve our Streamline icons. Do we even needs to make it better? :-)

I need your feedback to make decision. 
Send me a tweet about what you would prefer:

  • Create more icons? 5,000 is not enough for you?
  • Provide icons as a file for the icon manager Lingo? It’s a new competitor to iconjar, and not my favorite so far, but maybe you are a user of it?
  • Support Microsoft Powerpoint? You can already use Streamline with Keynote (via the provided PDF), but I admit that we are maybe too much Apple centered :-)
  • If you have any other request, that’s the moment to ask!

Any feedback or suggestion are welcome.
Send me a tweet

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