Streamline 3.0 , First preview 👀

We didn’t take a break this summer, as we were working hard on Streamline 3.0… and it looks already amazing! We ambition to make Streamline the ultimate reference for high quality, consistent and comprehensive icon collection. Nothing less :-)

See the features defined on last June. Launch is planned for December 2017

We’ve already achieved these milestones:

✅ Improved Streamline 2.5 icons. All icons were inspected, most of them improved or fixed. We’ve also made every user icon available as men, women and neutral gender versions. All professions are also available as women version.

✅ Created a new “Mini” icon version , based on a 16px grid. All icons that you were using in streamline 2.5 (based on a 24px grid) are now available in 16px, redrawn from scratch. The style is more rounded, get more generous whitespace and less details.

✅ We have created hundred more icons (24px grid), based on your requests and feedback. See the preview below…

👉 If you are a Streamline 3.0 beta tester, you should have receive the links to download the WIP sources. I count on your feedback, we still have plenty of time to improve these icons!

First peek at the new icons (24px grid)

We have already added tons of new icons. The version 3.0 will easily jump from 5,000 to 6,000 icons… and probably more 😎

A few categories will be widely extended, like the “Animals”. See a few examples below, at the moment we have probably 100 more animal icons.

We will also add a lot of icons to categories like SEO, Business & finance, User interface, Shopping & e-commerce or Coworking…

See a selection of these new icons below, I’m super proud of these. They are consistent, legible and elegant.

New “Mini” version… 5,000 icons already done 🔥

All the icons included in Streamline 2.5 (24px grid) are now also available as a 16px grid version. Each icon was redrawn from scratch, with a bolder and simpler style. They will be would be amazing to use with small menus, buttons and generally web apps interface.

See the preview of all the icons below…
… Get ready for a long scroll 😁

For any questions or feedback, send me a Tweet! 📢

For any questions or feedback, send me a Tweet! 📢