Playing Nice with Others

I still use a lot of physical media or drives in my day to day work. USB, SD Card and even DVD’s from time to time. The bulk of my work happens on MacOS but lots of my clients run Windows. Transferring files from MacOS to Windows can sometimes be a challenge. Here is a primer for making your USB flash drives and SD Card media cross compatible. (This is coming from the MacOS to a Windows System.

  1. Open Disk Utility on your mac. (Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility)
  2. Highlight your USB or SD card Media — This is the Drive you inserted
  3. Push the Erase Button and a drop down will appear.
  1. Give your new Volume a name.
  2. Select the Volume Format. I usually do ExFAT for large capacity drives.
  3. Select the Partition Scheme. Select Master Boot Record for compatibility.
  4. Push Erase

This will erase the entire disk and will make it compatible on a read and write level for a MacOS or Windows Operating system.

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