Animal Soup [unfinished]

On a particularly warmer Saturday in May
I stumbled on an animal barbecue. 
As one is wont to do. 
Or a picnic — of sorts. 
With alligators in shorts — in the grass playing sports
And before I knew it, I was stuck with a fox. 
And oh how he talks!
Trapped by the punch bowl, he made me discuss
His latest musings on the mighty octopus
Making such a fuss about the plus 
He thought it must be to have 8 arms… or is it 6 arms and 2 legs? Or 3 and 3? 
Oh goodness me! 
It’s hard to keep track of!
But either way, it does seems advantageous.
And just as he was trying to explain this
We were interrupted by a wallaby, who hollered at me
To meet his friend the goldfish — who instead of a bowl, lives in a dish
Because I guess that’s his wish!
So I retorted, “well if he’s more comfortable that way…”
And at that, a spotted, long-necked giraffe began to laugh
At a magnificently acrobatic turtle, who can skip, hop, and hurdle
With the greatest of ease — like a gymnast on a trapeze