Here’s to the Dreamers

Here’s to the dreamers. 
The idealists, romantics, and visionaries.
The hopers, seekers, and star-gazers.
The proud and unbreakable few with bright eyes and goofy grins. 
Keep that stupid smile plastered on your face. The world is yours. Stand tall.
To those who challenge the impossible, get back up when they fall, and wear it all with pride.
Don’t let anyone break your spirit — your will, your drive, your fierceness.
You are strong. You are fearless. You are invincible. 
You are enough. You are exactly what this world needs.
Take it all on with quiet determination. Say yes. 
Say you will. 
You will.
To those who figure out the how after the what because the why burns within them.
Approach things your way. 
The crazier the better. 
Naysayers be damned. 
Let them call you a kook and a fool. 
Idealism is no insult. It’s a badge of honor. 
Here’s to you. For doing your thing. For being you.
Push on and push on. 
Dream on and dream on.