How to #hashtag

I bet you've seen them on your Twitter-feed, Facebook, Instagram and various other places where hashtags can (and can’t) be used. People who insist on bombarding you with tons of hashtags, long unreadable hashtags and other hashtag annoyances.

Unclear of any guidelines of what should be considered a good standard for hashtags I got on a quest to try to summarize some best practices and simple rules to make people better at using hashtags.

1. Never use more than 3 hashtags in a post

Using to many hashtags is not only annoying as f#!k it also distracts your readers from the actual content. Less is more, remember that. Also refrain from using generic non-describing words (such as road) and made-up words .

2. Limit the length of your hashtags

Long hashtags isn't just difficult to read, the also take away from the short and easy path that hashtags are mean’t to be. The optimal length of a hashtag is 6 characters, once again less is more.

3. Limit the amount of words in your hashtag

Using many words in a hashtag can be good for some usages but keep in mind that the more words you cram in there, the harder it gets to read. A good maximum number of words is 3, also keep in mind rule nr.2 and limit the length of your hashtag to not make it to cumbersome for people to read.

4. Proofread your multi-word hashtags

Because you don’t want to end up with your hashtag meaning other things that you intended. One very describing example is Susan Boyles #susanalbumparty which can be read very wrong.

This post may be updated later, but for now these are some rules of thumb I like to use. Do you have any other rules that might be of interest? Please tell me.