How to Secure Wifi Internet?

Wireless internet is very easy to access internet in home or office the device who provide wireless internet is called wifi router or portable wifi hotspot. Obviously, everyone who uses internet connection will have a wifi hotspot device or wifi router. The wifi router device gives internet access to multiple devices other people may access your internet connection.

If you have an internet wifi connection in your home, then you need to do can prevent from unknown user and hacker and can make wifi secure.i will guide you how secure wifi.With this guideline, you can secure your internet connection.

1-Setting up WPA2 and Web

2-Changing of Admin Password

3- SSID Settings

4- Changing IP Address of the device

All portable wifi hotspot, mobile hotspot, routers have built-in protection, and it is easy to set up. Some people will turn off WEP and WPA feature. Many of people do not understand for bother securing the wireless network.

There are little reasons for this. First is your neighbor and other persons could be accessing the internet for free with this cause your internet connection will slow down. If your router has secure connection could allow to other people to access your internet connection for the illegal purpose, and people could be access to your personal data.

Wpa and we are different security standard used by wireless networks. All Wifi hotspot and wifi routers are capable of the form of encryption, and its use for preventing other people to accessing to connecting to the internet network without real keys.

Wps is an outstanding and useful feature in the router that allows connecting new devices without any hurdle just pressing the front or back button of the portable wifi hotspot or router or entering the pin code to enable access the internet network.

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