To my friends in the Drupal Community -
Michael Haggerty

This post contains several glaring inaccuracies as far as what the Drupal Community Working Group is and isn’t, so attempted to clear that up at

So when a situation arises where an individual, despite an amazing contribution record, is nevertheless causing real, genuine harm to the Drupal community, and the CWG receives dozens of complaints about them, generally from other well-known contributors, who have either left the community entirely or dramatically reduced their involvement in the project as a result of this person’s behaviour, and when literally every other approach of de-escalation has been tried, including private talks, mediation, one-on-one mentoring, sterner warnings, etc. … what is the group charged with maintaining a friendly and welcoming community for the Drupal project supposed to do? Because telling those other contributors to “suck it up and go watch Sesame Street” doesn’t seem like a very satisfactory approach.

The “action plan” was the best tool we could come up with at the time, as it clearly lays out both what the problem is, and more importantly what the impact of the person’s actions and behaviours are, and also outlines concrete steps to rejoin the community in a productive way. But at the same time, also makes it very clear that the current course of action cannot continue. If there’s a more effective tool/approach to use instead to achieve the same result, feel free to suggest it at

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