5 reasons to hire a web development company for your small business website

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It’s good to know that you are in the process to get a website for your business because, without a website, you can’t reach as many people as you may want to. Whatever your business is, every business and every organization needs to have a website to reach the masses. A website helps in many ways. It can make things easier for both you and your customers. You can save a lot of time, money, and energy.

Your customers or potential customers can get information about your products and business easily. So they can learn a lot about you without calling you or without visiting your company. It saves time for both — you and your customers.

You can collect information from your users through forms on your website, which makes your work more systematic.

So it’s obvious that having a website for a small business is essential!

But how will you get it built? What are the options?

You can build it yourself. But do you have the time to build? And do you have web development skills?

You can hire a freelance web developer. But can you rely on him? One of the most common issues you’ll face while hiring individual freelancers is that they miss deadlines. It’s risky to hire a freelance developer. What will you do if he falls ill or if he can’t finish the project for personal problems?

It’s very common among freelancers that they want to finish the project as soon as possible. They’ll care more about the money and less about the quality.

But keep in mind that there are exceptions. There are truly amazing, reliable, professional freelance developers out there. But it’s hard to find them. After trying several freelancers, you may get the right one for your work. But it will cost you a lot of time and mental energy.

It’s also hard to manage individuals. And you may need to hire multiple freelancers because a single person may not have all the necessary skills such as web design, web development, SEO, and marketing skills. So managing multiple freelancers will be even more difficult.

The well-known benefit of hiring a freelancer is that they’ll charge less, but it’s too risky to hire them and there are many issues you may face while working with them.

So what will you do in such a situation? There’s another option. You can hire a web development company. I think this is the best option you have. Why so? Although a web development company will charge more, they will deliver peace of mind in return and will build a more beautiful website than you can imagine. They will give you so much more value than the amount you pay them.

In this article, I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should hire a professional web development company for your small business website. So let’s discuss the benefits of hiring a web development company!

A full team of developers, designers, and marketers

The biggest advantage of hiring a web development company for small business is that you’ll get a full team of developers, designers, marketers, and other professionals. If you want a website built that will take your business to the next level, a single website maker is not sufficient. Besides taking help from a web developer, you need designers and marketers.

With a web development company, you get a full team of experienced people. So you don’t have to hire several people separately. Hiring just a company is sufficient.

A web development agency will build for you an exceptionally high-quality website that is extremely user-friendly and that brings massive success to your business.

A freelancer does not generally have all the skills and experiences. For example, he may have great experience in web design and web development. But he may not have enough knowledge, skills, and experience of SEO and marketing.

But, as in a web development company, there are experts from various fields, you will get an epic product developed. If you want your website to function properly, you need experienced web developers. You’ll get them with a company.

If you want to give your website visitors an amazing user-experience, you need people who have expert knowledge of web design, UI, and UX. You’ll get all of them with a company.

In a nutshell, a full team of experts will develop an awesome website for you, which your customers will love to use.

Another benefit of hiring a web development agency is that you’ll always get the work done in a very timely fashion. The project managers ensure that the work is done on time.

They have excellent strategies for building high-quality products as well as for meeting deadlines. As a web development company has several employees, if someone gets sick or can’t work for some reason, the managers can easily assign the task to someone else so that your work is done on time.

Easy to work with

It’s easy to work with them simply because you’ll communicate with experienced project managers and they are very organized. You’ll face almost no issues such as missed deadlines with a company. You’ll often get more than what you’re promised.

As there are dedicated professionals for communicating with clients, you’ll get quick replies and frequent updates about the project progress. So you can just stay relaxed and get a high-quality website built in a timely manner.

If you want to sign an NDA or if you need certain reports or documents, they’ll help you out with these things.

After the project is completed, you can ask for changes. And they’ll quickly make the changes as per your request.

They’ll cooperate with you in every situation. These are the reasons why a web development company is always easy to work with.

Great support and cooperation

There are support assistants ready to answer your questions before the project is started, while your website is being built, and after the work is done. You’ll get support assistance at ease. You will be supported with answers to your questions, bug fixes, improvements, and with maintenance.

While working with a freelance developer, you may not get good support because they usually don’t want to spend time after the project is finished. What if your freelancer does not want to make the changes that you request after the project is delivered? What if you find some issues in the website after 3 months of delivery? Will your freelancer cooperate with you?

So one of the impressive benefits of working with a web development company is that they will cooperate with you in an amazing way and won’t leave you if you face problems in the future.

SEO and marketing help

A web development agency not just provides web design and web development services, they may also provide SEO and marketing help.

If you want your website to rank well in search engines, you need to make your website SEO-friendly. SEO optimization is essential. In a web development company, you’ll find SEO specialists with advanced SEO skills. They can help you make your website more SEO-friendly and can give you advice regarding how to rank well in search engines such as Google.

A company generally has SEO specialists who have a great experience in this field and who are doing this work every day. So they know the ins and outs of SEO, which means they can provide you with the best help about SEO.

You also need marketing help if you want to get more customers. There are different kinds of marketing such as email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing, SMS marketing, and so on. Only a true expert who has several years of experience in this field can provide you with true marketing support. A person with basic knowledge of marketing can’t help you much. But a marketing specialist can provide you with true marketing help.

Web development companies generally hire marketing experts who can help you effectively market your website and products so that you get more customers.

Building a high-quality product is important but at the same time, marketing the product is also important because if people don’t know about your products, you won’t have many customers. So it’s important that people know about your business and products and it’s also important that they know why they should use your products and how they will get benefited through your products and services.

A marketing expert can give your website, products, and business a great exposure in front of the right audience. Also, they know how to convince them to buy from your business. From their experience, they can tell which marketing strategy will work and which won’t. So a marketing expert can help you get more customers to your business by implementing certain strategies and by giving you advice regarding what you should do.

So a web development company gives SEO and marketing services, besides providing web design services for small business, so that you can take your business to the next level.

Expert business advice

A freelance developer can develop a website for you. But can he give you professional business advice that will help you achieve big success? What will you do if you need to hire business advisors? You have to again look for business advisors, which is again a time-consuming process.

When you’re working with a web development company, you’re not just getting web design, web development, SEO, and marketing services, you will also get business advice so that you can achieve success with your website.

Having a useful website is not sufficient, you need to have strong business strategies and plans that actually work. The professional business advice that you will get from a web development company can lead you to massive business success.

A web development company is run by entrepreneurs who know how to start a company and how to run it so that it actually brings you lots of profits. They have a lot of experience in the field of entrepreneurship. They have probably failed several times before being successful. So they know which techniques and strategies are good and which aren’t.

So while working with a web development company, you can always ask questions regarding how to make more profits in your business. This kind of business consultancy service will not be free, but the advice you’ll get from them can boost your sales and can dramatically change your business to a super successful company.

Final thoughts

This article explained why you should hire a web development company for your small business website. It talked about 5 main benefits of working with a web development company. Besides these major benefits, there are many other minor benefits.

For example, it’s advantageous to work with a company if you’re interested in a long-term business relationship. Not all freelancers are interested in a long-term relationship because not all of them are full-time freelancers. Many are doing it as a part-time work while working on his dream project or while working as a full-time employee in an organization or while studying at a university.

So you never know when he will leave freelancing. Because many people don’t take the freelance career as a full-time career. Many people do it just to pay the bills. So, for many, freelancing is a temporary business. If they get a better opportunity, they may leave it.

On the contrary, a web development company has long-term goals. It grows from a small company to a big one but it doesn’t generally close its business early. Although there are exceptions, you can expect that a web development company will be doing business for the next 10 years or more.

Another impressive thing about a web development company is that they are generally very professional. So they always speak politely. They do not use a language that might hurt you. They won’t behave in a rude manner. So working with them will be a breeze.

While providing web development services for small business, an agency offers a variety of other useful services such as blog writing, copy-writing, and so on. So you don’t have to spend the time to find the right guys for those tasks. You’ll get them in a company. So isn’t it a great advantage? Because finding the right candidate is a time-consuming process.

In this article, I have talked only about the advantages. But one thing I’d like to mention is that web development companies generally have very high prices. Some companies have extremely high rates. But keep in mind that you’ll always get more value than what you pay.

There are also many web development companies that have comparatively low rates. So if you’re on a tight budget, you can work with them. Not all companies have high rates. Some of them have very, very low rates. But generally speaking, web development companies charge more than what the freelancers charge.

If you’re looking for a company that provides affordable web development services, Look no further! Webcliffe is a Toronto based web design & web development company that specializes in custom web design, web development & eCommerce websites. Contact us today! We’ll be happy to build a website for you.

Webcliffe is a Toronto web design & web development company specializing in custom web design, web development & eCommerce websites.

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