Webcoin ICO Stage 1 & what’s coming up in 2018

Nov 9, 2017 · 4 min read

First of all, we would like to say big thanks to all of our investors and project supporters. As we are moving forward with the project, we would like to update current and potential new investors on what’s coming.

Why Webcoin ICO is worth investing in?

The platform is not a concept. The project’s Alpha version is live for 8 months. The project development is half way done. The Webcoin team is currently raising funds through its tokensale ICO Stage 1 Round. The raised capital will be used to hire more programmers in order to speed up the process of launching the full platform & desktop mining application.

The Webcoin project and the Webhits.io Ecosystem will provide a solution to 3 major problems which European & North America countries struggle with:

  • Offer at least 10x cheaper services than any social media self-serving platform. For example, if you decide to spend $100 on promoting your eCommerce page on Facebook and your target is $0.1 per new like. The total maximum likes you will get for your eCommerce Facebook page is $100 : $0.1 =1000 likes. What the Webhits.io Ecosystem suggests is spending your $100 in our platform. As a result, your $100 will turn into 10,000+ likes on your eCommerce Facebook page or at least 10x more cost effective solution!
  • Unlike Bitcoin mining, every person with a laptop at home and social media profiles will be able to mine Webcoin tokens automatically and generate profits from their mining efforts.

See how our desktop application will look like:

  • Create access for the European businesses and marketing agencies to advertise their websites, products and services to the Indian and Asian public(especially for the Chinese market which is extremely lucrative and it grows in size daily) through local social media networks which will be implemented within the Webhits.io Ecosystem.

What’s the current state of the platform & the desktop mining application?

The Webcoin continues to expand. We are currently in process of hiring more programmers to help us speed up the process of launching the full platform & desktop mining application.

In 2018 a test version of the platform & the desktop mining application will replace the current Alpha version.

The full platform & desktop mining application will be launched when full testing is done and all bugs that may come along the way in the test version are fixed.

What will happen with Webcoin tokens at the beginning of 2018?

Tokens distribution & Trading

At the beginning of January(1 to 10), 2018 all Webcoin Waves tokens will be distributed to investors who participated in the Pre-sale & ICO Stage 1 Round. Once all investors receive their Webcoin tokens, we will make an official announcement to inform you that Webcoin tokens are available for trade on Waves DEX.

Ethereum blockchain

As a part of the development of the platform our team of programmers has conducted a thorough research on the various blockchains, smart contracts and their implementations. We came up to a conclusion that the Ethereum based smart contracts will help the Webhits.io Ecosystem evolve and be able to provide high end white label solutions to our advertisers, miners and social media influencers.

ICO Stage 2 Round

ICO Stage 2 Round will be introduced in 2018 Q1. A smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain will be created. The new Webcoin token based on Ethereum will be used as a main token for buying services within the Webhits.io Ecosystem.

Speculative price

A limited number of Webcoin tokens will be issued and available to buy during the crowdsale with increasing price model. What does this mean? The price of Webcoin tokens during the ICO Stage 2 Round will be increasing throughout the whole tokensale period. After ICO Stage 2 Round ends, the starting price of 1 Webcoin ERC-20 token on market exchanges will be much higher than it was at the beginning of the ICO Stage 2 Round.

How current(Pre-sale & ICO Stage 1 Round) investors will benefit from the changes?

Investors who participated in the Pre-sale and the ICO Stage 1 Round will be credited with equivalent of their initial investment amount of Webcoin ERC-20 based tokens to their Ethereum wallets. For example, if a current investor bought 10,000 Webcoin Waves tokens during ICO Stage 1, during ICO Stage 2 the investor’s Ethereum wallet will be credited with 10,000 Webcoin ERC-20 tokens too(same principle is applied like the Bitcoin forks).

What about crypto market exchanges?

Ethereum ERC-20 tokens have become a standard for ICOs and for acceptance in all major crypto market exchanges. For this reason, the new Webcoin ERC-20 tokens will help to further build permanent exposure of the project on crypto market exchanges. The Webcoin teams is currently negotiating terms for listing Webcoin tokens on many major exchanges. Announcements of acceptance on any exchange will be made separately on all of our official social media channels, tokensale website and blog.

Advisory board

Webcoin team currently has 11 advisors. Their successful careers and history counts of over 20+ years of experience in various fields like automation, real estate, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, programming, robotics, and many many more. The number of advisors will continue to increase over time bring more specialists on board to ensure the Webcoin project continues to evolve.


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