Introduction to Ecommerce in WordPress

WordPress as the largest self-hosted blogging tool used world widely and seen by millions of people daily has been dominating in the market for few years. It’s not just well known for it’s blogging features but also as developing platform for different online projects. For example, it’s very popular to build eshops in WordPress. Very popular Woocommerce plugin will make it happen for you. I’m gonna give couple of tips where to start and how.

1. First step is important

Before you find and select a nice template for you website make sure it supports WooCommerce plugin. For instance, try to search on blogs which are reviewing templates and look for ecommerce wordpress themes collections. Plan design of your future eshop so you can pick the most suitable template from hundreds available on the internet. They vary in so many parameters or details and it’s easy to get confused and lost. That’s why you can be sure about collection. You’ll find best of the best and you just can’t go wrong.

2. Products

After a successful installation of WooCommerce plugin you’ll get product section in your dashboard offering a large selection of attributes such as categories, shipping classes, weight, tags etc. With right additional SEO plugin you’ll be able to optimize each product separately.

TIP: There may be some difficulties like dishmatch of weight or shipping settings. Don’t panic and remember that there are plenty of free or paid plugins which will fix most your problems.

3. WooCommerce Settings

Before you officially roll-out eshop take your time and get familiar with all the settings WooCommerce contains. Check all the options, get used to it. Set up emails, shipping and tax info, payments, coupons, discounts and much more.

5. Sample Order

I definitely recommend to open incognito window in your browser and run the sample order. You can create testing product for few cents and then try to buy it. See if you receive money, confirmation emails etc.

6. SSL Certificate

Security, especially when handling private details of customers such as credit card details, personal details, etc. is the most important part of the project. Last but not least is the SSL Certificate which secure all the communication between your website and server.

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