Never Use WordPress for Business Website!

Why WordPress for Business?

Why you should never use wordpress for your business website? Simply because it’s the most popular & advanced FREE platform with amazing features and tons of amazing business wordpress themes available for few bucks!

Doesn’t that convince you to avoid wordpress? Then scroll down and read more about this terrible platform!!!

Save Time with WordPress

Time is Money!

I think with this I can agree with everybody! Time is valuable for all of us… so why would you save time by using wordpress when creating your business website?

How much time do I need? Well for sure you need to pass couple of steps, such as, getting your webhosting, installing wordpress, installing your template and uploading your content & getting layouts / colors done!

To install wordpress it’s very easy and it takes only few minutes! If you get your theme ready, installation takes also only few clicks!

What’s next?

Little investment!

I’m talking here about template, about premium template! If you choose good product (theme) you can get amazing pre-designed layout loaded with tons of features for only FEW bucks (60–80). You’ll struggle with FREE themes for sure!

Check some of the business themes designs!

All premium themes comes with detailed documentation, free regular updates and access to support forum. That clearly tells you that you don’t need any coding or designing skills to get your business website done!

Grow Your Website!

Let’s say you got your website done! The first part / layout. What if you need special features for your type of business strategy. Well, with wordpress everything is covered with its plugins!

1 000 000+ WordPress Plugins

Contact form, membership login, calculators, ecommerce extenstion, shoping cart, checkout system, payment gateways… and much more! There is plugin for almost any possible business feature.

Google Friendly!

Why would you want your website to rank in google search?

For most of the business is the best source of leads / customers / INCOME! WordPress is very SEO friendly and ranks very well. It doesn’t come by itself, it requires a lot of optimization but it’s worth it!

Mobile Friendly!

Nobody uses smartphones right?

Smartphone Addiction

Recent studies proves that most of the online traffic (60%) comes from mobile devices. NEW premium wordpress themes are all mobile friendly and ready for any type of browsing device. It’s simply a trend now and wordpress got that covered!

Boom… you got a problem!

Let’s say your website has been running for quite some time but some king of problem comes up! Something you can’t fix by yourself. For example: web is down for no reason, online virus infection, layout gets broken, doesn’t load in internet explorer etc.

Hiring somebody to fix a problem in wordpress can cost you money! Fixing a problem in custom made website can cost you A LOT OF MONEY! Since, wordpress is the most popular and easy to use platform it’s also quite easy to fix for developers.

All the problems are common and you can find solution to almost any issue online on forums.


You still want to use wordpress for your business website?


I’ve been using wordpress for building websites for more than 5 years and I can definitely recommend it. I’ve seen so much improvement in that platform that I can for sure say it’s gonna be the BEST platform for really long time!

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