Are there any men who have a problem with this title?

I have absolutely no problem with the title of this list like I would not have an issue with a female composing a list recommending books for women to read. I also have no issues with Women’s Only/ Men’s only Gyms albeit in the current environment, one kind of these Gyms would raise more eyebrows than the other.

I do however think that the recommended books are, to say the least, archaic, except the reader has an interest in American presidents or ancient wisdom, which would be, considering the current and not so current literature available, a rare interest indeed.

My list would contain two of Gladwell’s books, Tipping Point and Blink, Stuff Matters by Miodownik, In the Skin of a Lion by Ondaatje not just for it’s great style but also a lesser known part of Canadian history, T.C. Boyle’s World’s End, The Cunning Man by Davies and almost any book by Saramago. Almost any book by Hitchens is a must read, not only for the man’s immense knowledge or his controversial stands, but especially “No one left to lie to” and “Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man”.

For female authors obviously Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and The Year of the Flood, Doris Lessing’s Shikasta, Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel.

But, just like making a list with great movies, these lists are subjective and always too short ( Hesse, Conrad, Marquez, Amis, Nietzsche, Grass, Heinlein, Lem and the late D.F. Wallace were all superior writers). It also should be a consideration who is creating this list, is it a person that actually reads a lot or was a search engine used to create the list.

I almost clicked on “publish”, but now hitting my forehead with the flat hand, because I forgot Michel Houellebecq, arguably the most important current author, and not just for his message in “ Submission” but for his style in “ Elementary Particles”.

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