Trends Shaping the Future of Web Development

As much as it gets difficult for you to continue with the new coding frameworks being presented every year, you have no choice but to clarify yourself with the same. As a webmaster looking onward to get a specialized website developed, ensure that the Web Design Company in Dubai appointed by you is actually aware of the leading trends shaping the future of web development.

HTML5: Its importance is only going to magnify. Ask the most experienced developers out there and they will tell you that HTML5 remains a more progressive solution for online media playback than flash. Pointless to say, it is being progressively used by coders and designers to make manageable professional websites. It is not only appropriate for all the important web browsers but can also be used for offline network caching and code cleaning. HTML5 is the forthcoming of web development.

Flash Is Obsolete: Top browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla have terminated to support the Flash plugin and this is “signaling” enough to demote Flash to insignificance. No more is it used regularly. Those who are so far to find out are absolutely running way after in the digital race.

Adobe is proactively dispiriting webmasters from using flash for their websites.

Compatibility with Mobile needs to be stated without fail. Mobilegeddon remains the official stamp of specialist to the extent that responsive websites are concerned. In 2016, digital specialists have gone on to advise that there’s soon going to exist a time when Mobile SEO as a term will conclude to be. The traffic earned from mobile devices has improved by hurdles and restrictions in recent years and that time is not far away when Mobile SEO is not going to be distinguished from “conventional desktop SEO” but is rather going to take up the shape of conventional SEO itself. Terms like “Mobile web” and “Mobile SEO” will cease to have a distinct identity. Mobile is going to be conventional SEO and web.

The Importance of SSL Encryption is only accepted to grow. It has to do with financial transactions — mostly. If your website is straight dealing into financial transactions then you would definitely want to implement SSL certificate. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”. It is used to encode the data between web server and web browser of the visitor so that malefactors are not able to decode the encrypted data. This is what you should take care of

Is the web development company appointed by you aware of these trends? If not, you would definitely like to review your decision before having them in confidence.

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