The Definitive Guide for Custom WordPress Theme Development

You have undoubtedly taken one of the best choices i.e. choosing WordPress for developing your website but you’re not the only one.

The advantages of WordPress is incomparable, therefore, people are now investing more in WordPress development services and with the present time, there is a demand for customized WordPress theme development. So, what’s the advantage of a customized theme you ask? Right? Everything! Customized themes are a great way of paving your way into the market and to give a unique identity to your website. Although, if you’re not satiated with your current theme, then you can customize it without getting into code much.

You can possibly create your unique WordPress theme and template by following the steps mentioned in the later part of this blog post. It’s time to give a personalized touch to your WordPress theme without entering into the hassles of performing coding.

Getting Started

Step 1: Setting up your theme information

You need to clear all the theme information and unzip them. You need to place all the relevant information in their specific folders like 404.php. Archive.php, class.php. Author.php, footer.php, feedback.php, index.php, header.php, sidebar.php, search.php and much more. You must edit any folder if required.

Here are some functionalities of the some of the mentioned folders:

  • 404.php: It shows 404 errors.
  • Archive.php: Shows all the archived posts.
  • Class.php: shows posts related to class.
  • Author.php: shows all the information of author/writer.

Now you must have a fair idea of the prerequisites of creating personalized WordPress theme. Now follow these simple steps.

# Log in to your WordPress Admin account

# Go to your dashboard and select Theme

# Select set up Themes

# Click on the ‘Add’ hyperlink

Click on the ‘Select file’ and choose the respective folder and hit ‘Set up Now’. After choosing the theme click on the ‘Activate’ hyperlink for adding it to your WordPress website.

Step 2: Type the WordPress theme

Now that you have added your theme, the next step is to include everything into the website so as to enhance its functionality. You can begin with including widgets, menu, themes, content material etc. For this, you can use both the external content editor or the editor available in the WordPress admin part. Right here’s a listing of some of the .css file parts that you can have a look at:

- Web page structure: This part of the fashion.css file includes two code blocks viz: div#container and div#content material. By default, the div#container is given a 4px margin but you can modify it. You may go for aligning the DIV left utilizing the under CSS Code: ?

Float: left;

Normal type defaults: The normal default type could be left but you can modify it as per your requirements. Fonts and colors are important aspects of Normal type defaults.

Post and Pages: Keep in mind the div#content material fashion outlined earlier on this submit? Sure, tweaking the posts and pages takes place by merging with .entity-title, .entry-content, .entry- meta, .entry- utility, .alignright, .alignleft and .navigation.

Header: It is one of the most important aspects of your website as it defines the motive of your site. You should embody two items of CSS to make header menu seem as a single straight line. The primary CSS belongs to the .menu aspect and is outlined as: <preclass=”brush:css”> .menu ul The second code block is outlined as: .menu li Whereas the primary code eliminates dots and margin changes, the second directs the listing to be displayed in a line as an alternative to the standard itemizing format.

Feedback: For this you need to combine functionality together with .feedback, .sidebar, .footer, .widget and so on.

That’s all folks!!!! As we have come to the end of the post, you, now, are aware of the steps of creating a customized WordPress theme just by following the above-mentioned steps, you can enhance your site’s functionality giving it a unique look. Moreover, if you have anything vital to share please drop in your opinions in the comments section.