It’s the first of November. Is your eCommerce shop ready for the holiday season? Now is the time to get your business situated and ensure that it is prepared. Many of your holiday shoppers will be first-time customers. You want them to leave your website with a good impression, one that keeps them going back for more. So, in an effort to help you achieve your online sales goals, we gathered up a panel of our own WebDevStudios experts to offer up some eCommerce tips for a successful holiday season. Don’t delay. Get started on prepping your website today!

Design, SEO, and Sitemaps… Oh, my!

Photo of WebDevStudios COO and Co-Founder, Lisa Sabin-Wilson.
Photo of WebDevStudios COO and Co-Founder, Lisa Sabin-Wilson.
Lisa Sabin-Wilson, COO and Co-Founder


Summer may be coming to an end, but WordPress education and bonding continues. Starting tomorrow and ending on Saturday, August 25th, WordCamp Minneapolis / St. Paul (WCMSP) takes place. Featuring a keynote presentation from Michelle Schulp, the three-day event also includes an SEO panel event and an intro to programming workshop.

Russell Aaron, Support Technician

What we’re really excited about is that we have TWO of our own speaking at WCMSP. On Friday at 1:45 p.m., Russell Aaron shows how in just 15 minutes, you can have your next blog post written. Catch his talk “For Blogging Out Loud!” in the Ski-U-Mah room.

User experience (UX) is imperative for keeping your website visitors on your website. A bad experience of any kind, whether desktop or mobile, is a turn-off to potential customers. However, even if you successfully provide your users with a stellar experience that includes a website that loads fast with landing pages that are designed to impress, your content has to be up to par, too. When you place as much focus on the quality of website content as you do UX, you increase the likelihood that your visitors will remain on your site for a longer duration of time instead…

At WebDevStudios (WDS), we are dedicated to making the web a better place. Oh sure, we love being creative and having fun, too. And our entire team has a passion for technology. However, whether we’re working on client projects, speaking at a WordCamp, writing content, or developing a WordPress plugin, our primary goals are always focused on making the web a better place for our clients, consumers at large, internet users, the WordPress community, and of course, ourselves.

Did you know that you, too, can join in this effort? If you’re a website owner, whether you have a modest blog…

WebDevStudios (WDS) has really amped up our Five for the Future (#5ftf) participation this year. First, we announced the dedication of one full workday per month, company-wide to the WordPress initiative. And now, we are holding ourselves accountable to this commitment with regular blog posts and tweets that report our efforts. However, #5ftf is open to every WordPress user, enthusiast, developer, and company. Think of it as a potluck dinner, and everyone is invited. Aren’t you tempted to participate, too? …

Whether your website represents a small business or a large eCommerce corporation, a nonprofit or a simple blog, keeping your content nicely organized is key to the user experience (UX) you are presenting. A cluttered, messy website with no clear pathways to information can be a major turnoff to your website visitors. If you don’t make it easy for them to find (and perhaps purchase) what they seek, they will go looking somewhere else. Keep visitors on your site by applying these tips for organizing website content.

First, identify these three things.

  • Brand. Who are you? Are you a media website offering loads of information…

WordPress themes are very popular with users of this open-source platform primarily because the theme defines the look and feel of your website and the functions within the template carry your content forward to the eyes of your readers. In October 2012, WebDevStudios COO, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, presented “Oh, the Themes You’ll Do!” at WordCamp Philly. Not only did she dress like The Cat in the Hat (WordCamp Philly is famous for taking place during or near Halloween and encouraging speakers and attendees to don costumes), she also penned this clever adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

The poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning had it right. There are many ways to love. There are also many ways and reasons to love WordPress. It’s free. It’s an open-source platform to which anyone can contribute. It connects people. As a website design and development agency that specializes in WordPress, it should come as no surprise that WebDevStudios loves WordPress. What better day than Valentine’s Day to profess our admiration and adoration?

Here are the reasons why we love and choose WordPress.

Oh, the things we can build…

The holiday season is already upon us, but it’s never too late to check your eCommerce website to make sure that it is ready for the crowds of online shoppers. We turned to our in-house experts for some quick and easy tips. Here are some ways you can equip your online business to handle the holiday traffic. And know that we’re here to help if you need assistance implementing any of these recommendations.

Photo of Brad Williams, smiling and looking directly at camera
Photo of Brad Williams, smiling and looking directly at camera

Brad Williams, CEO
“Use a hosting company that specializes in performance and security. …

While giving back to the WordPress community isn’t something that WebDevStudios (WDS) does for the glory and accolades (or the glamour, for that matter), actively and consistently participating in Five for the Future is something we do with a great amount of pride. Last year, WDS contributed 1,500 hours to the WordPress community, and we are on track to complete the same this year.

Our team’s contributions are varied and diverse. They include volunteering or speaking at WordCamp events, building plugins and adding them to the WordPress repo, transcribing talks for video caption, replying to tickets submitted at the…


WordPress, BuddyPress, Mobile & Support for Big Brands! WebDevStudios wrote the books on WordPress. Let us take your brand on a journey!

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