Black Lives Matter has a Diversity Problem

Brothers and Sisters. I have watched from afar for too long. An epidemic of generations of segregation and discrimination has afflicted our Black Community. Black Lives Matter was our answer, our Joshua to their Jericho. But the movement has been led astray. There are several behaviors which are completely detrimental to our righteous cause, and threaten to dismantle it before we can accomplish our Goal.

It is a well-known sociological fact that diverse leadership is essential to the success of an organization. Led by only like-minded individuals, a body is likely to make crucial mistakes, and cannot benefit from the insight that a diversity of opinions brings. Businesses have known this for years, which is why they intentionally give preference to competent individuals whose backgrounds differ from their own. A business run entirely by men is likely to misunderstand the needs of women; a business run entirely by White men is unlikely to properly serve the Black Man, much less Black women.

We in Black Lives Matter leadership must take this wisdom to heart. Let us not forget that to be a member one must simply affirm that Black lives matter. This simple insight must be a paradigm shift on a nation-wide scale, but just as we must hate the racism that has subjugated us as a community, so too must we hate the bigotry within our Community against the White Man, even if we empathize. Ours is a battle against bigotry, not against a race! It was possible to end slavery without enslaving the White Man!

It is time for Black Lives Matter to come together to recognize the ingenuity of allowing White leaders to positions of power within our Movement. A wide range of voices allows for a stronger and more effective message. It can solidify Black Lives Matter as a movement of Love rather than one of Hate. Believe in the goodness of the Human Soul!