Teenage depression and suicide are way up — and so is smartphone use
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Hah. Look to microwave radiation usage in general. I’d be interested to see the rates of difference in these years depending on if they are gathered from rural or uraban environments. This is an issue many people shove off by stating the common narrative… something along the lines of — no significant statistical correlation has been seen from the use of cellular towers/devices in proximity to one’s person… Another laughable common saying is that — microwave frequencies are incapable of causing ionizing radiation towards living cells. Not that this isn’t true, but that it escapes the point. Non-ionizing radiation may still be harmful to tissues.

You see this aforementioned narrative repeated amongst industry funded studies. Telecom. You see a much more nuanced, and detailed analysis from independent researchers.

I don’t negate the negative impacts of attempting to grow your self-esteem and general life while under the pressure of significant personal expansion and in the face of seemingly being pushed on the world stage (social-media). I do think this isn’t the sole cause.

All this being said, there are many more than ever before stomping these grounds on terra. We have much more to advance in such a short timespan. I doubt we’ve seen more than the beginning of those who will not well adapt, but “progress” cares not… nor does nature.

Game on.

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