Java is slowing Android’s growth and Kotlin is not the answer
Tomas Grubliauskas

The real problem came out of the first paragraph. You’re using a macbook air. They are a fraction of the performance of a regular macbook, which is less still than a powerful desktop computer.

Get a Ryzen or i7 multicore. Problem solved. Emulators don’t take long to load on my rig. Be sure you’re using GPU hardware acceleration. I run it on linux and have heard of issues with Windows at least. Not sure if there’s performance issues in OSX.

I would recommend quad-core or better with SSD & 16GB or better when running emulators. It’s pretty easy for the rig to hit 15GB & I’m using a 27" imac for looking up documentation or anything else. Don’t even have a browser open on the linux rig.

What are your system specs exactly? Do you use hardware acceleration on your emulator? Do you have an SSD?

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