Thank you for letting me know how easy it is to copy someone’s article.
Veselin Karaganev

I will not delete your comment, because I have absolutely nothing to hide. I have not read or seen your article before I published mine. I came up with this method completely independently. If you would like, I can mention in my article that you have come up with it first; to me, it makes no difference. However, I assure you, I had absolutely no knowledge that somebody else was using the same method or wrote an article about it on Medium. In fact, I searched Medium prior to writing my article to make sure I wouldn’t be duplicating anyone’s work and I didn’t find anything remotely similar based on the keywords such as “privacy” and “js”. I did not steal your method, I came up with it independently. My intention is and always was to share a cool method I came up with (turns out, not the first) with the community. Cheers, I will give you credit shortly.

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