Role of Discord in NFTs.

3 min readMar 29, 2022


There are two main platforms in NFT project development.

Discord and Twitter. All the development/marketing/activities going on inside those two platforms.

Let’s break it down.

For a while discord is the best platform to conduct NFT project life.

Owners create a server and put all the info/activities inside that server.

If you want to get a WL role or take part in the project life, you have to go to their discord.

What you can find there?

- Rules, regulations.

- FAQ (questions you may have about the project)

- Main info, roadmap, plans for the future.

- Date of mint (selling collection).

- Announcements. All updates released on discord.

- Sneak-peaks (example of future collection).

- Collaborations with other projects.

- Chats (you can talk with other members, thousands of them)

- Voice chats (same)

- Different activities like quizzes, giveaways, art contests.

- Get the roles for the mint, mostly whitelist (allows you to buy an NFT).

So if you need to be mentioned and get the role, you go to discord and stay as active as you can (chatting, making fan-arts, participating in activities).

There are two types of discord servers:

Open and Closed.

Open discord allows anybody to join the server at any time, usually, open discords have lots of people inside so it’s quite hard to be mentioned and get the role.

Where you can find the link for open discord? It’s always in the Twitter bio of the project (when it’s released).

Discord — here is an example of open discord server, to enter you need to have a discord account and make a short verification. (Check it out so you understand what it looks like)

Closed discords. You can join closed discord only via the invite link which is time-to-time dropped in Twitter.

Why are they making closed discords?

First of all, it’s quite hard to join a closed discord server of a good project. It is made with the purpose of selecting people who are really interested in the current project.

The logic is next: we would better have 10–20k of involved people, thank 50k random members (mostly).

So the quality of those members increasing, because you have to monitor Twitter and try hard to catch the link.

Another reason is that mods have better opportunities to communicate with the members. In closed discords will be rather passionate people who are down to make real connections or at least take an active part in project life.

Also, it is way easier for mods to monitor bots and keep the community clean.

I personally prefer only closed types of discords, because mostly the quality of those projects is higher.

So we are slowly coming to the ways of earning money, I would make a little spoiler, only by catching links for closed discord you can earn 200–500$ monthly. (I will make a separate article about that).

Shortly you just sell accounts with access to the project (because it’s hard to catch the link). Some access may cost 40–50$ for a single account (only for catching the link from Twitter).

Stay tuned. NFT Materialz.




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