Heal Future Generations with Healthy Choices Now!

The argument has been ongoing for decades — do biology and psychology play a role in what our inherent behaviors are? Are these behaviors passed down through genes from one generation to the next? And how do healthy choices that you make for your body now influence future generations? Here, we will discuss how lifestyle, good nutrition, and natural health practices can create not only healthy patterns for you as an individual, but also for your descendants.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Recent research shows that when the body undergoes traumatic experiences, or when your ancestors live through trauma, there can be scars left on the molecular level, which adheres to DNA. This can be passed down from generation to generation — it becomes a part of the genetics. Psychological and behavioral tendencies can be inherited, too, including depression and even personality dispositions. While you can’t change the hardwiring of your genetic code, such as your eye color, there are other factors such as diet and lifestyle that can change what your genes do.

What this research really means, is that your health choices now will have consequences. Do you eat greasy potato chips and burgers a couple times a week? Do you exercise regularly and focus on eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, or are you continually stressed, eating junk food day in and day out? Stress, a poor diet, exposure to toxins in your environment or your food, can all play a part in activating chemical switches in your body that can change the way your genes operate.

So how do you modify your genes for the better?

Simply by making positive choices on a daily basis, you can begin to create positive change for yourself and your descendants. Eat food that is full of nutrients. Reduce your exposure to toxins and chemicals. Exercise well, get acupuncture on a regular basis, find time to relax and de-stress, and surround yourself with love and support always. This not only helps you feel better right here and right now, but it also helps change your genetics for the long run.

Turning off negative genes that pass down chronic disease, illness, or cancer is something that you can work on doing. Changing your lifestyle to be one that has minimal stress and anxiety, but instead a lifestyle that is filled with happiness and a positive state of mental health means that you are helping give your children and your children’s children a clean slate, genetically speaking.

Changing your health and lifestyle choices is a big responsibility, but it is something that is well worth it. Your individual health and wellness is vital, but thinking about the future repercussions of positive choices is even more important!

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